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6 Couches that Inspire Us

6 Couches that Inspire Us

Read a textbook on the history of home furniture, and you will find that there are legitimate style and historical differences between a sofa and a couch. Talk to an interior designer and you will get a different set of opinions on what to call the items you sit on at home. Sofa or couch, we think that the following living room furniture sets will inspire you in your home decoration.

scandinavian feel living room set

Image Courtesy of PiniMg.Com

A Scandinavian Feel Sofa with Chaise

This living room makes you want to pack up and move there. From the open floor plan to the natural woods and lighting, this minimalist space is inspiring in its simplicity as well as its aesthetic taste. While it feels open and minimalist, the large sectional sofa with chaise invites anyone who wants to fling their prostrate form across the couch, or sit politely and discuss the day’s events. Whichever you prefer.

Modern Living ROom

Image Courtesy of Furniture Ideas

Mid-Century Modern Couches

The couches here go well with a classic mid-century modern home. From the wood and glass paned door to the shag throw rug, this house would go well in a Mad Men scene. The central coffee table feels a bit more contemporary than the rest of the home and gives it a perfect feel that goes with the look we at North Hem usually look for.

mid-century modern couch

Image Courtesy of Home Garden Posterous

Mid-Century Modern Couch

Now, a nice contrast to the last picture, this couch and the entire living room has a less open and formal mid-century modern feel and a more close and intimate feel. The couch with the throw pillows is perfect for after dinner drinks with friends. The bay window reading nook in the background is a great way to enjoy a cool summer morning: reading a book.

living room follows all the rules

Image Courtesy of DecoHolic

A Couch and Living Room that Follows all the Rules

Neutral colours? Check. Geometric patterns? Check. Tasteful art to add texture to the walls? Check. Good use of pillows and blankets? Check.

This couch and living room follows our rules of Scandinavian design quite well.

cozy sectional couch

Image Courtesy of Berhhardt.com

Formal Sectional Couch

This sectional couch is both formal and comfortable within its environment. The natural wood coffee and end tables, the marble facade on the fireplace, and the striped rug all lend to an air of formality in this living room. But, the grey couch with the coloured pillows takes away from the stiff formality and makes this room a great place to live.

tufted contemporary couch

Image Courtesy of Furniture Ideas

Beautiful Tufted Couch

We round out the couches with a contemporary tufted couch, beautiful in its own right. While it may not fit the aesthetic of many modern Scandi, mid-century modern or Asian fusion designs we normally show, something about this couch inspired us today.

Which of these couches and sofas inspire you?

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4 Exteriors that Make You Feel at Home

4 Exteriors that Make You Feel at Home

What is the view you love the most in your home? For many people, a house becomes a home the moment they walk up the front walk for the first time, coming into their home. The exteriors of a home often make a house a home. Since we love home inspiration, the following are 4 posts we found of a front walk that showcase how an exterior view can make a house your home.

cozy adobe exteriors

Image Courtesy of Real Estate.Com.Au

A Cozy Adobe Exterior

While the colour and material of this exterior may be more common in the American desert, this Adobe styled siding fits well with a modern home in much of Australia. The home looks like it fits in any warm climate, while it also promises the perfect temperature home within. The front walk is pleasantly laid out all the way to the well-light entryway. Definitely cozy!

modern home

Image from Real Estate.com.au

Modern Exterior

The straight lines, mixed materials on the exterior, and windows and doors are all part of the modern appeal of this house. The wood fence and tree serve to give the home a more lived-in feel than many modern homes get. The wooden door itself plays a bit of a homelike counterpoint to the rest of the homes modern materials and feel. If you like modern houses and are looking for an exterior where it is easy to fill at home, let this design inspire you!

grey neutral colour exterior

Image Courtesy of GJ Gardner

Neutral Grey Home

This home has a minimalist and modern exterior, and the grey colour will go well with almost any exterior. The plants and sloping lawn reduce the severity of the formal lines and warms up the cool colour scheme. While it may not be for everyone, this house is definitely a place that many people would love to call home and enjoy the memory of every walk up to the front door or drive into the garage.

Invited In


Invited Into A Home

This final home blends many of our favorite modern themes with some great photography and lighting to beckon the viewer up the walkway and in the front door. The different shades of the home provide both a welcoming warmth, and a refreshing cool, depending on the viewer’s desires. The landscape frames the home, not interfering but still very present. Finally, the windows offer a peak inside at the comfort the homeowner feels as they sleep and play in rooms that are perfectly lit. Of all the exteriors we found, this one makes you want to feel right at home.

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5 Living Rooms that Perfectly Balance Asian and Scandi Design

5 Living Rooms that Perfectly Balance Asian and Scandi Design

Asian and Scandi design fusion is one of our favourite aesthetics here at North Hem. Minimalist floor plans, neutral colours, and natural wood fit well with many modern Asian cultures and make for an easy transition between Scandinavian styles and Asian design. For the colour lovers out there, throwing in some mid-century modern style can add a dash of sparkle to these more reserved styles.

We think that the following 5 living rooms will give you some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your home.

singapore fusion

Image Courtesy of Home and Decor

A Singapore Scandi Living Room

Home and Decor often has great inspiration for your home decorating and design. When it comes to Scandi and Asian fusion, there are some stand-out photos to inspire your home. This Scandinavian inspired living room from Singapore shows how to live in comfort, with style, in a way that protects the environment. We love the inspiration behind this fusion living room.

korean scandi design

Image Courtesy of Sight Unseen

Japanese Scandi Design Fusion

This living room is an ideal place to rest, to visit, or to enjoy cozying up to a good book on the couch. The cool colours and light woodwork make this a great layout for hot summer months. On the other hand, the fabric seats, warm blanket, and rug all help make this living room a great place to stay comfortable in the colder winter months. The Japanese artwork rounds out the feeling of a perfect fusion between east and west’s interior design principles.

play room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Home Decor

Korean Scandi Design

This flat’s combined living and dining room is ideal for urban living. And, it takes its inspiration from Seoul, while still providing a Scandi style. The mid-century modern styled couch in the sitting area adds some comfort and colour to the long, hard tile floors. The lighting and brick wall give a tad bit of the industrial feel of a cosmopolitan city while the natural wood dining set provides a bit of the Scandi farmhouse feel.

asian scandi design

Image Courtesy of Billie Lourd

Asian Scandi Design

The hardwood furniture frames, tasteful use of plants, and Asian inspired decorations make this living area a perfect fusion of generic Asian and Scandi Design. There is something beautiful about the more specific cultural pieces portrayed throughout this post, but this living room is a type in itself. The natural light and window seat contrast with the wood fireplace. The white walls contrast with the dark wood floor and natural plants. This study in contrasts is a perfect example of how you can be creative in following minimalistic design principles.

japanese modern design

Image Courtesy of Home Design Lover

Modern Japanese Living Room

Finally, some design is not a true fusion, but takes inspiration from other design trends while keeping it wholly within the room’s culture and place. This picture is a perfect example of a room that feels fully Japanese, but borrows from design principles that are more western. The couch, pillows, and rug are all reminiscent of a mid-century modern or Scandinavian layout, but when put within the room as a whole, it still feels like a modern Japanese living room.


These 5 living rooms inspired us this week. What inspires you in your interior design?

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5 Scandinavian Summer Decorating Tips to Help You Enjoy the Season

5 Scandinavian Summer Decorating Tips to Help You Enjoy the Season

Minimalist Scandinavian designs are perfect for a breezy summer day. As these following pictures from Australia and the US show, there are some great ways to use scandi design principles to increase your enjoyment of the summer season. These are just some summer decorating tips we have found this month. Leave us a not at the end of the post to tell us about your decorating ideas.


scandinavian dining room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Decoist

Increase Natural Light and Airflow

Not all houses are blessed with as beautiful an accordion door as this, but the principle remains the same. Open windows and doors to increase natural life. If you have an outdoor covered patio, move some furniture outside for the season. Take the glass panes out of screen doors to enable airflow without bugs.

scandinavian study reading nook

Clear the Floor

During the cool of winter, there is nothing better than sinking your feet into a soft rug or blanket at the foot of your bed. On the other hand, during summer the cool wood floor of a Scandinavian style home will be a refreshing part of your day. Take those throw rugs and use them on blankets or couches, if cleanable and small as pictured above. Or, if they are larger, roll them up and put them in an out of the way place. This will keep them clean from the mud and dirt of summer fun.

scandinavian study reading nook

Lighten the Interior

White walls and curtains are great for decreasing the temperature of a room’s interior. Since Scandinavian design loves to use contrasting white and black as well as natural wood tones, this is the perfect time to use white to lighten the feel of rooms. Use seasonal plants, natural wood furniture, and the occasional coloured piece like warm couch to enliven the room.

play room reading nook

Finish Projects

The clear white and black dichotomy of these chairs makes this summer kitchen and dining area stand out. Pick some sunny days to refurbish and repaint some old furniture, or buy new furniture that matches the cool look you want in the hot summer.

corner reading nook

Make Use of Forgotten Spaces

From the attic to the summer cottage, everyone has places that can be refreshed and reused in the adventurous spirit that the weather demands. Often rooms like this one are easily cooled via natural windows. And, the sense of connection with nature that comes from breathing the outdoor air through the night makes the adventure of attics and summer cottages even better.

What are some of your favorite summer design memories? How did the use of space, colour, and light impact your view of summer?

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How to Celebrate Christmas, Australian Style

How to Celebrate Christmas, Australian Style

Australia is a great country, and North Hem loves providing unique Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and Asian contemporary furniture and homeware to our neighbours. This Christmas, we want to take a moment to celebrate our unique take on Christmas. While the rest of the world bundles up in the dark of winter to celebrate their festivities, Australia has a different take.

Christmas Grilling

It’s mid-summer here, and no better way to celebrate Christmas down under than with an outdoor barbie. Traditional Christmas meats include turkey and ham. Smoking or grilling these meats will make for an easy way to add protein to your Christmas dinner. On the other hand, you could forgo tradition and emphasize your Australian food heritage with some grilled Emu!


Or, if you’re feeling really brave, you can try this Aboriginal staple.

Christmas Carols

Yes, we may have different memories associated with carols than a dweller of the northern hemisphere may, but we still love the classics. From Santa Clause is Coming to Town to Silent Night, enjoy a great night of Christmas singing in the candlelight. Make certain to add some unique Australian takes on the classics as well as songs written here, like White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin.

Celebrate Christmas in the Sun

If you are not taking advantage of the Christmas break to head to the beach, why not? Some people say that Santa ends his round the world tour here, so that he can enjoy the beautiful Australian coast. From family holidays at the beach to just a few hours surfing, Christmas break is a perfect time to head to the ocean, soak up some sun, and enjoy the warmth of a southern hemisphere summer.


So, take some time to decorate with your favorite decorations (Christmas trees or the Christmas bellflower are good ideas), enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and watch late night movies with room for friends on a 3 seater couch.

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