10 Designs that Make Bold & Bright Color Work?

Bold colours are often a great way to express a home’s personality and interests. The following 10 designs prove that bold is beautiful. See how the spectrum of colours transforms ordinary rooms into extraordinary works of art.

The Rainbow Connection


Source: Beeyoutifullife.com

Typically when designing, you limit yourself to two to three colours to decorate with. In the case of this dining area, however, the sky is the limit. The simplicity of the furnishings allows the rainbow of colors to shine. This no-frills eating spot is all about color and nothing more.

Cool Blues


Source: Highwayswest.com

Mixing and matching different shades of blues creates depth. Don?t be afraid to experiment using lighter and darker versions of your main color. Here, you see how light blues and dark blues work together in the same areas of the room.

Passionate Purple


Source: Pinterest

Although it might not be everyone?s thing, purple is the colour of wealth and royalty. Since it is a bold color, use fun prints to break up the monotony. Where else can you use cheetah print without it looking tacky?

Bright Pink


Source: Houzz

What?s not to love about a bold pink couch? This space takes advantage of colour by dispersing splashes of it throughout the room. The black rug ties all the colours together making them cohesive and beautiful.

Pretty Pillows


Source: 2ladies&achair

The whole room doesn?t have to be colourful. A few pops of bright pink is enough to break up a neutral color scheme. It stands out in a room that would otherwise go unnoticed like this one.?

Colorful Artwork


Source: CTNTurkey.com

Bright and beautiful, this oversized painting serves as the focal point of the room and allowed the designer to playfully incorporate colour and pattern into the space. Although you wouldn?t think a Moroccan motif rug would match a floral print pillow, the colors in the painting make the pairing work like magic.?

Bold Floral Motifs


Source: LampPlus.com

Floral curtains aren?t pass?. In fact, a bold design like this provides plenty of colour options to decorate with. This room makes the most of the greens, pinks, blues, and purples in the curtains.

Floor to Ceiling Color


Source: Houzz

If you want to decorate from the ground up, look how masterful this designer was at pulling everything together. The only thing that isn?t wildly coloured are the plates, stemware, and flatware. Everything else commands your attention by being bright and energizing, the way you hope the meal being served is.

Pretty in Pink


Source: ArcadianHome.com

Pink and black isn?t reserved for little girls. It?s also the number one choice of big girls, too. See how the safari theme helps balance the pink walls and bench by adding pattern and texture?

The Colourful Creative Kitchen


Source: Avso.org

You can only imagine how inspiration flows in a kitchen like this. Why settle on one color when you can section off different areas of the room and use them all? The sun streaming through the window has nothing on this bright coloured kitchen.

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