When designing the d?cor of your home, consider a Scandinavian design. It’s simple, elegant and the epitome of?trendy today, tomorrow and years from now.


Rule #1. Go Minimal

go minimal

Just put it away and you can’t go wrong. A clean house relaxes the body and mind.


Rule #2. Maximize Black & White

maximize black & white

It’s elegance and style in every era, so use it. No thought, no fuss style perfect for any budget.

Rule #3. Every Shade of Grey

use every shade of grey

And fill in the gaps with every shade of grey you can find. It’s calming and compliments any color pallet. This is great advice no matter what kind of d?cor you decide on.

Rule #4. Only a Touch of Pastel

only a touch of pastel

It’s being called the new neutral. Using pastels is trendy and beautiful, but don’t go overboard. Just a little will go a long way to making your d?cor interesting and eye-catching.


Rule #5. Wood is Never Wrong

wood is never wrong

The days of Scandinavian cottage style is far from gone. Refurbish vintage ideas into modern design with as much wood d?cor as you can find.


Rule #6. Add a Cozy Blanket (even if you don’t need it)

add a cozy blanket even if you don't need it

It softens your modern look and invites your guests to sit and get comfortable. Not to mention, if it does get cold, you’re prepared.


Rule #7. Shapes and Straight Lines

shapes and straight lines

Break up your d?cor with geometric shapes on the walls, in the furniture and anywhere you can think of. Stimulate the mind with some basic design.


Rule #8. Plants Plants Plants

plants plants plants

Bring the outside – inside with the absolute best d?cor. Plants and greenery not only look beautiful with any d?cor, they add oxygen to the air for better health. Win-Win!


Rule #9. Who Needs a Closet – Showcase your Wardrobe

who needs a closet showcase your wardrobe

A strategically placed clothing stand adds an interesting touch while doubling as open storage. Your lack of space just got a whole lot cooler.


Rule #10. Throw in a Designer Piece

throw in a designer piece

Step up your look with just one simple addition. Find a complimentary designer piece to give your space a punch of prestige.


Rule #11. Display your Hobby (as long as it matches)

display your hobby as long as it matches

Got an interesting pastime? Show it off on the wall or a coffee table. It’s an instant conversation starter, and (as long as it matches your d?cor) goes seamlessly with your Scandinavian look.


Rule #12. Top if off with Copper

top it off with copper

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a little shine in your d?cor. When you’ve got all the elements showcased in your space, make sure to add copper into the mix for a dazzling center piece.

And that’s all there is to it. Make sure to check back for more tips and tricks on turning your home into a Scandinavian space of serenity. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.


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