8 Amazing Apartments in Sydney and Melbourne

8 Amazing Apartments in Sydney and Melbourne

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When it comes to interior design, it is certainly safe to say that Australia?s major cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, are filled with homes that correspond perfectly with today?s popular styles.

Laid-Back Melbourne Home

Laid Back Melbourne

This stunning home is modern, contemporary and rustic ? all at once. The classic brick wall complements the sleek and neutral sofas perfectly, and the dining chairs bring a mid-century modern feel into the mix. There are no real in-your-face accent pieces, but light touches like the vases on the dining table and the cushions add a personal touch. This awesome design was brought to life by the professionals at VMDesign. Check out the design on Houzz!

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Artsy Melbourne Apartment

Artsy Mel

The talented interior designers at The Eclectic Creative Studio?worked hard to transform this apartment into a mid-century modern gem. The classic television cabinet and the rustic accessories complement the colorful flowers amazingly. Loving the black and white touches, too!

Sleek Melbourne Penthouse

Sleek Melbourne Penthouse

The lucky owners of this apartment clearly have a thing for all things modern, stylish, and neutral. The black & white cushions look fantastic on the stunning sofa, with the piece of art on the wall blending in perfectly. The rug and curtains provide a homely feel, while the plant on the quirky coffee table adds a touch of color. This ultimate modern home was created by Alexander Pollock Interiors.

Vintage Melbourne Townhouse

Vintage Melbourne

The folks at Spinzi transformed this townhouse into a quirky, minimalistic and vintage hangout. Most of the furniture is in a stunning mid-century modern design, and they?ve really gone out of their way to make this home different in its own right. The designs of the rug, cushions and wall art all blend in together fantastically.

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A Sydney Interior Designer’s Home

Sydney's Interior

This kitchen belongs to the talented Jodie, the interior designer who runs Jodie Carter Design. We?re loving the way she mixes it up with both rustic design and modern and contemporary; the cupboards are perfectly homely and classic, whereas the centerpiece and stools are more on the modern side. Pendant lighting is also awesome in kitchens, which she clearly knows all too well.

Sydney Bachelor Pad

Sydney Bachelor Pad

This laid-back bachelor pad was designed by Darren Palmer Interiors?and is, quite simply, every man?s dream. The rich tan leather sofa looks super comfortable, and the marble coffee table is modern and contemporary. The wooden feature on the side table and the d?cor provide a unique rustic feel that stands out, yet blends in with the surroundings at the same time.

Colorful Sydney Home

Colorful Sydney Home

This fun, retro living room was brought to life by Style Create Design?and is an awesome idea for anyone out there who?s a sucker for a pop of color. The eye-catching cushions provide a perfect accent piece for an all-white sofa, and the vintage style wall art adds a personal touch.

Sophisticated Sydney Apartment

sophisticated sydney apartment

The living room of this stunning apartment is other-worldly, cultured, and incredibly sophisticated. It was designed by Leigh Holt and is an awesome interior design idea for those who?ve travelled and picked up lots of tips along the way. The dark shade of the carpet blends in perfectly with the rich beiges.

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Organise Your Home in Seven Simple Steps!

Organise Your Home in Seven Simple Steps!

M?rio Nogueira_home-designing dot com

Eliminating useless clutter and creating a sense of order within your home is not only vital to well-being, it?s also one of the best ways to renew the soul. Untidiness not only disrupts the aesthetics and functions of an environment, it can make us feel sluggish, distracted and unmotivated.

Clutter creates a visual distraction that competes with all the other elements of an interior and makes beautiful furniture appear tired and old. The most cost effective way to refresh and revitalise your interior is to organise it!

Ridding your home of the clutter bug doesn?t have to be as painful or time-consuming as it sounds. Follow the seven easy steps below to create a wonderful home to be proud of!

Step 1 ? In an area with disorder it is important to try to create a calm and positive atmosphere. Be sure to let in a much natural light into the room as possible, play some chilled out music and light a scented candle. These elements should help to improve the atmosphere and make it easier on you to get the job done.

Step 2 ? Starting with one room at a time, take a ?before? photo of the space (exactly how it is in its current state). Identify which items in the image stand out or appear to be obvious clutter and remove them. Throw away anything that is chipped, faded, tired, old or broken!

Step 3 ? Take away any smaller items that don?t really seem to have a place. At this point take another photo and compare it with the first one. Being brave, honest and ruthless asses the space again. Try to detach yourself emotionally from items of sentimental value. If they don?t work aesthetically within the space don?t try to force them to!

Step 4 ?- Remember you don?t have to display all your possessions at once! Items can be stored and then swapped monthly, seasonally or whenever you feel like a change. While it is important for a room expresses the personality of the owner, exhibiting one?s entire life story isn?t really necessary!

Step 5 ? Examine your furniture. The basics of good interior design are achieving space, flow and function. Does the size of the furniture work well in with the proportions of the room? Can you move about freely within the room? If necessary re-arrange furniture so that the space flows. Remove any items of furniture that are no longer required or that aren?t really used. Remember: less is more! Consider replacing any larger items of furniture that look too bulky or over-sized such as sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, side tables.

Step 6?- Go and take a well-deserved break! Coming back later allows you to see things through fresh eyes. Upon you return have a seat and slowly scan the room, how does it make you feel? You should feel a lot more at ease as you are no longer dealing with multiple colours and textures or objects that compete. The room should appear larger and more restful to the eye.

Step 7?- After a few weeks or months of living without it, sort through any items you have stored away. Keep only what you absolutely cannot live without. Donate the rest to a charity, have a garage sale or sell it on online! You will feel liberated and organised! Remember: Clutter can easily creep back! If you are going to add new items, consider their impact on the space. You may need to take some things away to make room for new ones.

Image Credit:?M?rio Nogueira via home-designing.com


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