6 Living Rooms that Master Transitional Design

6 Living Rooms that Master Transitional Design

6 Living Rooms that Master Transitional Design

A mix between traditional and contemporary designs allows old world charm to meet sleek and sophisticated modern d?cor for a look that is outstanding all the way around. The six living rooms featured here are masters of transitional design. See for yourself how to mix the old with the new like a pro.

It Shapes Up Real Nice


Source: Eklektikinteriors.com

The focus of this transitional living room is how well all its shapes come together. The square window panes work well with the striped pillows, the oval shaped vases, and the circular framed works of art. A pop of green brings a sense of earthiness to the room which is mostly decorated in brown and beige.

The Chair That Grandma Loved


When mixing old with new, it?s important to have a theme. In the case of this room, an antique velvet chair is matched up with two modern ottomans in the same materials. The similarity in fabric makes it easy to transition from classic to contemporary. Find the commonality between objects and put them together in the same space.

Source: InteriorHousing.biz

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Mod and Merry


Source: Lasherkeen.net

There are elements of modern design in this transitional living room. For example, the soft blue color of the walls and furniture hints of days past. The funky striped rug, however, brings us back to the present. Items that look old but are new are completely acceptable. See how the modern weathered picture frame looks aged but isn?t.


Fill a Space with Love


Source: GrainDesigners.com

In large rooms where there is a lot of space to work with, keep color choices to a minimum. It makes it easier to mix and match furniture and d?cor without overcrowding the living room. Everything ties together because it?s a similar shade and length. Note how the furniture in this room looks alike when it was actually bought separately.


Light and Airy


Source: FamilyHouse.co

Play to the strengths of the room you?re working with by choosing light fabrics to create a sense of calm and openness in the space. The glass doors and windows provide a lot of natural light. The blue greys of the lamp, flower pot, and tray cool down the room making it a natural oasis for anyone sitting in it.

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Creating Unity


Source: AllUnique.co

It?s all about balance with transitional design. See how there are an equal number of sofas and chairs throughout the space. This creates a sense of movement and unity in the area. The furniture is also the same shape and neutral color which allows older pieces like the rug to be mixed with more modern pieces such as the pillows.

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5 Amazing Modern Kitchen Makeovers

5 Amazing Modern Kitchen Makeovers

5 Amazing Modern Kitchen Makeovers

As with any home renovation, there comes a sense of anticipation when it?s time to reveal the room. These modern kitchen makeovers need no introduction. Beautiful and exceptional in every way, it?s hard to believe that they weren?t originally the works of art that they are now.

Here are five amazing kitchens that caught our eye after they received a much-needed makeover:

Royal Blue and Gold


Source: HGTV

Who says color doesn?t belong in the kitchen? The white cabinetry and tiled walls help balance out the bright blues in this modern room. Add gold colored details such as pendant lights, a regal chandelier, and candlesticks and you?ve got a place where cooking, feasting, and conversing is inevitable.

Crisp Green Apple


Source: MobileHomeLiving.org

Nothing is more organic than a bright, vibrant green. This kitchen makeover proves that a bold color works great with white cabinets and chrome finishes. It?s clean, crisp, and energetic the way a space like this should be.?

A Ray of Sunshine


Source: Minalisti

A few splashes of color helps break up the dark backsplash and island in this modern kitchen. Yellow invites creativity which is fitting for a room where meals are planned, cooked, and shared. The stainless steel appliances look classy but more importantly, are easy to clean.


Crisp and Clean White


Source: BecauseILiketoDecorate.com

White may not be the most imaginative color available to remodel with but it works wonders in opening up a space. Crisp and clean, this minimalist kitchen is brought to life through special touches such as the word ?EAT? at the top of the cabinets and the long neck faucet attached to the sink.

Wood and Metal


Source: Necudeco

Although this is presumably a smaller home with loft above the kitchen, no details were spared with this modern makeover. The combination of wood and metal creates a unique, organic environment that doubles as an eatery. Every square inch of space is used to house items which opens up the room, making it appear larger than it really is.



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