Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Creating a Nordic-inspired home interior is easy thanks to the ever-growing availability of Scandinavian furniture online.

Wildly popular for its clean lines, functionality and uncomplicated design there is an abundance of Scandi-style furniture on the market to meet consumer demand, each to varying degrees of quality and affordability.

Spoilt for choice, it can be quite the task to find the perfect piece to style your home if you don?t know what you?re looking for.

concept for light chairs

What is Scandinavian furniture?

Scandinavian furniture is renowned for its beauty and simplicity. It is well-made and functional with sleek style and neutral tones giving it an understated elegance.


Focus on functionality

Scandinavian-inspired homes are sophisticated and never over the top.

Start with one or two items, taking the time to consider what your needs are and what features are important to you. The great appeal of Scandinavian furniture is its functionality, so choose pieces that are useful as well as beautiful.

A quality sofa is a great starting point in creating a Scandinavian-inspired living room. Casually elegant with neutral tones and a wooden base, for example, a sturdy but stylish lounge makes the perfect Nordic-inspired introduction to your living area. Complement it with throws and cushions in different textures or a rug to add warmth to your room.


Quality furniture

With the abundance of Scandinavian furniture online, it?s important to keep your smarts about you.

Every second store offers Scandinavian-inspired furniture to differing degrees of quality. Be wary of poor imitations; cheap isn?t always cheerful.

Scandi-style has an emphasis on functionality, so your cutting-edge furniture needs to be well-made and carefully crafted to last the test of time.


Affordable furniture

You don?t need to break the bank to create a Nordic-inspired look in your home. Invest in a couple of statement pieces, for example a sofa or dining table, and complement them with Scandi-style accessories.

Thanks to North Hem you can create a designer look in your home without the designer price tag. With its cutting-edge design and functionality, you can find something to suit your budget.

Try before you buy

There aren?t too many furniture stores that allow you to try before you buy, especially when it comes to finding Scandinavian furniture online.

Not sure how that sofa is going to fit or look in your living room? North Hem will arrange for your furniture to be delivered straight to your home where you can style it, test it and make sure you?re 100% happy with it.

Contact North Hem today to find the right Scandinavian furniture online for you.

Interior Design from Paris with Love.

Interior Design from Paris with Love.


Highlights from Maison et Objet 2016.

During the month of September the gorgeous city of Paris plays host to one of the biggest and most exclusive design trade shows in the world. Celebrating its 21st anniversary in style at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, the event showcases a plethora of new and exciting products from over the top brands and emerging designers from all over the world.

After having previously attended design trade fairs in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Helsinki, and Montreal I have to say this show may just be my new personal favourite. Nothing can prepare you for your first Maison & Objet, the excitement, the anticipation, the immense joy of it all. Now I may sound like I?m gushing but for someone who lives and breathes design it was a serious honour to be in attendance. It was really quite overwhelming!

The sheer scale of the event is one thing, deciding how best to navigate the multitude of aisles is another, but nothing can prepare you for the vast amount of awe-inspiring, never before seen products on display, along with the sheer opulence and quality of the amazing display stands which are all achingly beautiful.

This is design at its very best and I am incredibly excited ?to share with the highlights of some of the best products in international design. It?s been quite a challenge to narrow down but I have selected 5 companies whose beautifully curated collections of homewares, lighting and soft furnishings caught my eye during the show.



Affresco is a unique company with a unique history and a truly amazing product! Having entered the market in 2002, as a small art studio, this Russian company took an innovative approach to interior design and began offering the world?s largest exclusive hand-made wallcoverings without joints ranging from 3.26 x 10.5 meters.
They are the first company to produce digital frescoes in which they are able to transfer photographs or paintings onto a canvas. They are able to change colours, adjust image proportions, add or delete elements of an image and even combining two or more separate images into one to create entire wall murals.



Aniza’s home collection combines Mexican artisan textiles with?refined European fabrics bringing together design and ancestral craftsmanship.?Each region in Mexico specializes in their own weaves and symbology dating back to pre-hispanic times and?ANIZA works with local Mexican artisans to support their craft and help preserve the rich cultural textile heritage of Mexico

In Europe they work with family owned companies who are still producing locally and with a savoire faire cultivated through generations. Their?collections unite continents by respectfully interweaving Mexican and European textiles, showcasing their beauty through sophisticated simplicity.


Quite possibly the best stand on show and one of my personal favourites, Atiliers C&S Davoy transports you to a universe of weird and wonderful; a cabinet of curiosities for those who are inquisitive enough to explore further.

If you have a penchant for distinctive, meticulously hand crafted, new and antique treasures, Atiliers C&S Davoy?s charming products will intrigue and delight you. Itis the perfect resource for those searching for something with a little ?je ne sais quoi?. It?s the kind of store that reveals conversational pieces of objet trouv?. Offering furniture and accessories that you mightn?t be aware you were looking for, but now you?ve found them you just can?t live without!


Winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2015, Cozi is a high-end brand for lighting fixtures and furniture design that utilises the technology of 3-D printing. Hailing from Israel, founders, Yuval Carmel & Ofir Zandani are two industrial designers that combine multidisciplinary knowledge of manufacturing techniques, high-end technologies and traditional crafts.

Their products are characterised by a unique morphology, due to a thorough study of materials and a constant interest in pushing technology boundaries to the limits. Behind each work lays an idea, a vision interpreted; creating a dialog between technology and craft, between perception and tangibility.



Anyone who has ever taken a trip to New York or London is bound to have come across Jonathan Adler. We love him for his electric, bright, bold and brave designs. His signature style is one that will remain forever timeless. A potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery.

In 1993 Barneys bought his collection of pots and five years later, he opened his first store in Soho. Jonathan?s Adler desire to design all the bits one needs to create a flawlessly chic home led to more and more. Today, his company with over 25 stores worldwide and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally.


With a collection that conveys a kaleidoscope of colour and fantastically shaped objects, Mario Luca Giusti is known throughout the world for his elegant and colourful items for the table.
One would be forgiven for thinking these products were a magnificent assortment of crystal or glass, however, they are in fact made of plastic materials.

Each item imitates the sophistication and elegance of crystal and glass; using instead a range of materials such as acrylic or melamine to produce striking, colourful designs. These are the perfect solution to outdoor entertaining without the worry of breakage.



NAGA is a French company that offers a wide range of wall decorations and objects inspired by nature, ideal for Hotel projects and luxury homes. Their wall d?cor and sculptures are positively mind blowing and they also have a collection of furniture pieces created by designers hailing from Thailand. Their mural creations and decor pieces are designed by one very talented woman – Muriel Dionisio.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Rory Dobner, and eccentric Englishman, artist and lifestyle brand with an exceptional amount of talent. Rory studied Fine Art foundation at Chelsea School of Art & Design before obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Honors), at Central St.Martin’s School of Art & Design. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious title of Burns Young Artist of the Year.

Today, a highly sought after artist, Rory fulfilled a variety of impressive commissions and completed interior design projects for Agent Provocateur, MTV, Soho House Group, Christian Dior, Candy & Candy, Ibiza Rocks House Hotel, Fortnum & Mason, Robert Downey Junior, Heston Blumenthal, Nike to name just a few. An impressive repertoire to say the least, however it?s his purrfect collection of cat inspired wall plates and dinnerware that had designers flocking to his stand.



Serip has been an integral part of high decoration since the 1960?s and is a company that is renowned for their spectacular indoor lighting and decorative pieces. Their luxurious signature style lends itself to organic shapes that are inspired by trees and flowers and natural beauty.

Their collection exhibits innovative hand crafted chandeliers and wall lighting designs that combine noble materials such as bronze, glass and crystal to create distinctive and unique lighting for the home.



A recognized pioneer in Finnish design, VALLILA has been forging its own path since 1935 with its unique designs that stand out. VALLILA?s in-house designers create and capture the fresh Finnish flavor VALLILA brings to its collections.

Vallila?s colourful array of products include home textiles and rugs, bed and bath and kitchen accessories as well as wallpapers. They launch a new collection twice a year, hence offering always something new and exciting!

Image Credits:
Header image via Vallila?
Aniza Design image via?Aniza Design
Cozi image via Cozi?
All other images taken by Sarah Radhanauth

Extraction Artisan Coffee

Extraction Artisan Coffee


I asked a regular visitor how they would describe Extraction Artisan Coffee. ?It looks industrial but it feels homely,? was the reply. After spending a morning at Extraction, there was no disputing that description. There is a definite sense of home ? something that encourages you to spend time and enjoy your coffee and breakfast.


Co-owners, Heather and Alex, are long-time locals who wanted to create a space that afforded people in Logan a wonderful caf? experience instead of heading to Brisbane. Whatever your speed, you?ll find a space at Extraction that is perfect for your needs. Whether you like to sit at the brew bar and take in the art ? or is that science ? of the barista preparing your brew, find a comfy chair to read and chill or settle in at the tables for a team meeting or a catch up with friends. No matter your choice, you?ll never feel rushed or hurried.

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8 Modern Melbourne Homes We Love?



As a big fan of watching coffee preparation, I took the opportunity to watch Danny, an award-wining barista, meticulously prepare an El Salvador single origin as a pour over. What a delightful cup ? fruity and juicy!


(Table in photo part is the Clarkson Dining Table.)

The 50-50 milk blend is a great caf? blend that is very easy drinking. I chatted with a visiting Brisbane coffee roaster who gave the blend a big thumbs-up. There are always single origins available, just ask the friendly staff for a recommendation.

(Chairs in photo are Evy Dining Arm Chairs – Pebble Grey and Cocoa Stain.)

Coffee beans selected by Extraction Artisan Coffee have cupping scores over 85 and are roasted in house on the shiny 10kg Proaster coffee roaster. If coffee is not your thing ? hard to believe but I hear it’s true ? then you can select from a range of teas from the West End Tea Company or go for a hot chocolate brewed using 50% Columbian cacao and 50% organic Colombian panela.

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Classy and Classic Dining Room by Melissa from NSW



My friend arrived, so we moved to a table to taste the signature dish ? Avocado on pumpkin bread ? yummo! Heather described the Extraction menu as, ?Caf? food with a fine dining edge.? She was spot on, the quality and presentation of food was equal to any excellent Brisbane caf? you could mention.


The presentation had my eyes feasting well before my taste buds had a chance to savour. By the way, my taste buds weren?t disappointed ? no wonder this dish has become a firm favourite.


If you haven?t had a delightful Logan City coffee experience, then get yourself to Extraction Artisan Coffee located at 7/3375 Pacific Highway. Gain access via the service road that runs next to the M1 at Slacks Creek. A good landmark is the blue sign of St Vinnies. Turn into the laneway and drive right to the end. Beware! The coffee, food and welcoming vibe make it hard to extract yourself ? No wonder these guys won the Logan City 2016 Business Achievers Award for Hospitality and Tourism.

North Hem EOFY Sale


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8 Modern Melbourne Homes We Love?

8 Modern Melbourne Homes We Love?

8 Modern Melbourne Homes We Love?

As much fun as it is to furnish a beautiful home from the inside, we?d like to take a moment to appreciate the outside of these eight modern Melbourne homes. Each is an example of superior architecture and design. Although it was hard to narrow our list down to just a few houses, you?ll see why these incredible dwellings caught our eye.

1. Clearly a Great Choice?


Photo Credit:

Who wouldn?t appreciate all of the natural light coming into this unique shaped and glass filled home? Imagine how low the energy costs are with a home that relies directly on the sun for light and warmth.

2. Nothing but Sunny Skies in the Forecast?


Photo Credit:

Clever and cloud-shaped, this home really stands out because of its shape and the ability you have to peer inside its glass doors and windows. The use of color throughout gives the appearance of there being a rainbow inside this gorgeous, artistic home.

3. Warehouse No More?


Photo Credit:

This one home?s interior is deceiving which is why it?s included on the list. From the outside, it looks like your typical warehouse. On the inside, it?s a modern Melbourne residence with a unique Moroccan flair.

4. Modern Minimalism ?


Photo Credit:

Purple in color and commanding a great deal of attention despite its small space, this pod-like dwelling is sure to delight the modern Melbourne minimalist in a number of ways. Think about how much time you?d save cleaning and decorating a space this small!

5. Make a Splash?


Photo Credit:

You don?t have to travel far to enjoy the pool. In fact, glass partitions are the only thing that separate you from water in this chic modern home.

6.?Big and Boxy?


Photo Credit:

This incredible space shows just how creative architects are. Not only does the glass provide an optical illusion for the eyes, the way the boxes are stacked makes this Melbourne home stand out in your mind.

7. Chic and Sophisticated Styling?


Photo Credit:

Everything about this layout is outstanding from the placement of the pool to the partition separating home from patio to the way the outdoor furniture sits in its own glass covered room. The upper structure is well lit but also very private with its use of floor length blinds.

8. Steely Blues and Grays?


Photo Credit:

This massive structure gives off a distinctly industrial feel with its boxy shape and blue lighting. It?s semi-open but also very private because the windows give only a glimpse of what?s inside.

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