Build Your Own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook

Build Your Own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook


Sunshine Breakfast Nook

This cozy dining table repurposes beautifully as a multi-hue breakfast nook. The pale wooden table pops in the natural light as the sun rises. Enjoy your own breakfast nook by pushing your table closer to a window. Want this table to build your own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook? Get it here.


Thick Table for a Hearty Meal

Thick tables add a sense of grandeur to your dining area. This table uses the same pale wood to amplify the natural light in the room (a signature Scandinavian design element). Add a sense of gravitas to your morning routine with this table. Get it here.


No Space, Big Appetite

When size matters, scale down to a beautifully round corner table. This dark wood adds depth to your breakfast area and the unique legs pull the eye, so your table never disappears within the design. Get your version here.


Check Out Those Legs

Speaking of interesting legs, check out this incredible piece. Whether sitting down for an evening meal, or waking up on the right foot, this table delights and inspires. The perfect way to start the day. You can?t get this style anywhere but here.


Cuppa Joe

And when a good morning coffee is all you need, these stacking tables work in every room. Lift your feet up and enjoy that cuppa? Joe. These handy side tables are multi-functional and add an element of design all by themselves. Get yours here.


You’re all set to start work building your own Scandinavia Breakfast Nook. Browse the store HERE, and get the trendiest Scandi furniture for your home. You’ll be the envy of every guest.


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Share with us! How will you Build Your Scandinavian Breakfast Nook?



5 Historic Scandinavian Chair Transformations

5 Historic Scandinavian Chair Transformations


Scandinavian furniture has become an art form in simple functionality. The simple design evokes emotion and inspiration. The evolution of the European design that has become one of the most popular forms of home d?cor, illustrates the brilliance of mind in furniture then and now. Five examples of this evolution started with the inventor and have now become a corner-stone of Jason Agustina design.

1. Tricia Dining Chair

egg to Tricia trans

Possibly evolving from The Egg, the simple curvature of the back inspires a relaxed sense of stability that contrasts directly with the straight lines and geometric shapes of Scandinavian design today.

2. Edel Chair

panton to Edel trans

The material was the centerpiece of this design and it remains a focal point today. With its smooth surface functionality in cleaning and fade resistance make this a popular choice?even now.

3. Bouvier Dining Chair

Y to Bouvier trans

Inspired by a simple change in the shape of the back, this chair pulls the eye and provides a focal point for the room without taking over the design. From simple beginning, this type of back-styling has inspired many renditions to include our very own.

4. Evy Dining Chair

Spanish to Evy trans

Over time the complex is simplified and the Evy Dining Chair is no different. The arms were lowered while the interesting shape remained. The wood was covered in the most popular neutral of the season, and it became a work of art in its own right.

5. Zola Dining Chair

pk22 to zola trans

From a simple backward leaning chair, to an architecturally inspired dining chair. The PK22 became a sensation when it was introduced and set the bar for creativity and variety. This piece inspired leaning and cornered chairs and along came our Zola Dining Chair – a beautiful addition.


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Duo Bar and Restaurant

Duo Bar and Restaurant


Tucked away in the quieter stretch of?West End is?Duo Bar & Restaurant?- the brain child of Tess Rigby, who dreamed of opening her own restaurant ever since she was a little girl! With over 15 years of experience in food and hospitality, Tess set her eyes on a quaint cafe space in Brisbane to call her own.

Teaming up with her sister, the name ‘Duo’ was a direct reference to their partnership as well as their vision for the the restaurant.

It also comes from wanting to create a space that is a blend of opposite elements, country and city – a very relaxed setting within the hustle and bustle of the city. Rustic food with a modern twist and modern food with a rustic twist. Indoors meets outdoors.


We wanted the space to feel like you were visiting friends, family or neighbours and just enjoying good company with good food. Something that happens a lot when you live in a small town. We wanted to create a sense of community where our loyal regular customers are more than just customers, they become friends.

Inheriting its black walls and timber claddings, Tess & her team sought to inject some personality into the interiors, adding hints of copper, greenery and hand-finished wooden table tops.


The space is intimate and moody, with exposed lightbulb pendants and a large mural of Brisbane’s iconic?river views.


A beautifully crafted leather journal as a menu, the logo is debossed & gilded by Able Book Binding.?

Featuring a scrumptious all-day breakfast menu, as well as lunch and tapas, the food at Duo is nothing short of amazing.


A feature wall of crates hand-assembled by Tess and her partner?

With food and furniture design being two of Tess’ great passions, she is continually making small improvements to Duo – looking to add more plants that will thrive in?the Brisbane climate, and completing the botanical ceiling that she’d put together with her dad.?It is this passion that inspired our team to collaborate and provide seating solutions that can add?a lightness to the ambience.


Left: Nico Chairs ; Right: succulent chicken waffles with a drizzle of maple syrup

We selected the Nico dining table and chairs for Duo; beautiful contemporary pieces that is the epitome of the sophisticated Scandi aesthetic – a refreshing pop of colour that is subtle and dignified.


Right:?our Nico Dining Table?and Chairs.

The Nico series provide an uncomplicated comfort – the cushioned upholstery is perfect for a long, relaxing lounge!


Duo bar and restaurant?is currently promoting beautiful Siddhartha Mandala Throws, yay to supporting local creatives!


Right: Cauliflower popcorn -?cauliflower florets seasoned with paprika & served with a cheesy b?arnaise dipping sauce


There’s Tess, rocking the coffee station!


Serving creamy Bare Bones Espresso coffees


Right: “Hey Sweetie” – fluffy waffles topped with berry compote, chocolate sauce, ice cream and maple – almost too pretty to eat!?


Currently BYO, Duo?is in process of becoming a fully stocked bar – stay tuned!

Duo bar and restaurant
2/27 Browning Street, West End, Brisbane

As part of our Living Showrooms?movement, we strive to curate unique interiors that will enhance any bar, cafe,?residential or restaurant spaces, as well as allow customers to physically?experience our design pieces in situ. If you are a restaurant owner looking to spice up your interiors – do get in touch!

6 Art Pieces Inspired by Scandinavian Design

6 Art Pieces Inspired by Scandinavian Design

lion header

You’ve decided that Scandinavian is your style. Welcome to the exclusive club of distinguished home design experts. Scandinavian design is minimalism with a trendy twist and you’re in good company. So, when deciding how to decorate, it’s important to remain consistent with your design. Here are six art pieces inspired by Scandinavian design that will go perfectly with your beautiful Scandinavian furniture.

The Word:


Use pieces like this sparingly and in the center to draw attention. Surround it with images of family and friends?to remind yourself, and those who visit, the most important thing in life.

The Pieces:


A great designer piece adds class to any space. Brighten up your neutral zones with this splash of Scandinavian-inspired color.

The Smudge:


Calming and thought-provoking. If you’re not sure what kind of art suits your space, design a canvas all your own.?Better yet,?let the kids go nuts on a wall-sized spread.?The piece will quickly become?inspiring and memorable.



A classic Scandinavian piece. Use the grays and coppers to pull your d?cor together. The outdoor setting is perfect to bring a little air into your living space.

The Cups:


Playful and budget-friendly. This piece goes great in any room and is easy to do yourself. Add a little color to your Scandi-inspired design with the help of some whimsy.

The Lion:


This piece is bold and powerful. Hang a large image like this in the center of a bare-bones wall to add grandeur to any space. He pulls you into the room and gives the space a sense of wisdom (any everyone will think it was your idea).

Still need ideas for your Scandinavian inspired home? Check back next week and we’ll pull together beautiful images and great ideas for the trendiest rooms in your home.


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Share with us in the comments below. Which art piece is so-you?

12 Rules of Scandinavian Design

12 Rules of Scandinavian Design


When designing the d?cor of your home, consider a Scandinavian design. It’s simple, elegant and the epitome of?trendy today, tomorrow and years from now.


Rule #1. Go Minimal

go minimal

Just put it away and you can’t go wrong. A clean house relaxes the body and mind.


Rule #2. Maximize Black & White

maximize black & white

It’s elegance and style in every era, so use it. No thought, no fuss style perfect for any budget.

Rule #3. Every Shade of Grey

use every shade of grey

And fill in the gaps with every shade of grey you can find. It’s calming and compliments any color pallet. This is great advice no matter what kind of d?cor you decide on.

Rule #4. Only a Touch of Pastel

only a touch of pastel

It’s being called the new neutral. Using pastels is trendy and beautiful, but don’t go overboard. Just a little will go a long way to making your d?cor interesting and eye-catching.


Rule #5. Wood is Never Wrong

wood is never wrong

The days of Scandinavian cottage style is far from gone. Refurbish vintage ideas into modern design with as much wood d?cor as you can find.


Rule #6. Add a Cozy Blanket (even if you don’t need it)

add a cozy blanket even if you don't need it

It softens your modern look and invites your guests to sit and get comfortable. Not to mention, if it does get cold, you’re prepared.


Rule #7. Shapes and Straight Lines

shapes and straight lines

Break up your d?cor with geometric shapes on the walls, in the furniture and anywhere you can think of. Stimulate the mind with some basic design.


Rule #8. Plants Plants Plants

plants plants plants

Bring the outside – inside with the absolute best d?cor. Plants and greenery not only look beautiful with any d?cor, they add oxygen to the air for better health. Win-Win!


Rule #9. Who Needs a Closet – Showcase your Wardrobe

who needs a closet showcase your wardrobe

A strategically placed clothing stand adds an interesting touch while doubling as open storage. Your lack of space just got a whole lot cooler.


Rule #10. Throw in a Designer Piece

throw in a designer piece

Step up your look with just one simple addition. Find a complimentary designer piece to give your space a punch of prestige.


Rule #11. Display your Hobby (as long as it matches)

display your hobby as long as it matches

Got an interesting pastime? Show it off on the wall or a coffee table. It’s an instant conversation starter, and (as long as it matches your d?cor) goes seamlessly with your Scandinavian look.


Rule #12. Top if off with Copper

top it off with copper

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a little shine in your d?cor. When you’ve got all the elements showcased in your space, make sure to add copper into the mix for a dazzling center piece.

And that’s all there is to it. Make sure to check back for more tips and tricks on turning your home into a Scandinavian space of serenity. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.


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