7 Scandinavian Livingroom Designs for Simple Functionality

7 Scandinavian Livingroom Designs for Simple Functionality


In the living room we relax, we play, we enjoy the simple pleasure of a pause in time. With the right design, we are transported to a rustic paradise, a minimalist sanctuary, or a Scandinavian destination. The seven Scandinavian destinations below breathe new life into a typical gathering place. 

Black & Yellow


Color can be a powerful thing. Here the black and white d?cor of the room almost takes over. The large sofa pulls the eye and adds warmth.


Pop of Velvet


The atmosphere in this room inspire immediate excitement and energy. It?s easy to see a few toys scattered on the plush rug, or family drinks in front of the fire.

Secluded Aqua


One of the most popular colors of the season, this teal tail-fin inspired pallet is the perfect set up for a young couple or college bound independent.

Expansive Retreat


Muted colors and minimalist d?cor help the mind wander in this quiet space. The perfect space to inspire a writer?s hut or simplified space of peace.

Entertainment Loft


When space is hard to come by the most creative ideas flow. This limited living area uses space brilliantly with bold pops of color to open the eye.

Sophistication Central


The mod living space inspires 50 shades of black, white and gray. Catch the Red-eye and get back home to a balanced and elegant place to unwind.

Modern Earth


This room is inspired with its futuristic fireplace and wooden touches. The mostly white design pushes the walls wide and the simple pops of natural green align the body and mind.

What inspires you? Leave a comment about your favorite living room designs. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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