North Hem Results Revealed! How Did You Do?

North Hem Results Revealed! How Did You Do?

Across Australia and around the world, the newly rebranded North Hem has been hard at work satisfying Scandinavian furniture desires.

Our stunningly simple designs have shown up in:

1.?????? Black Lab Coffee

The Zola Dining Chair in Pebble Grey and Oak Stain present an unassuming sanctuary for the dog lover in the local area.

2 & 3.?????? Blue Sky Coffee

The Ceni Grey Sofa 3 Seater banks on the fact that you need a cozy seat when retreating to your local caf? with friends, and the Industrial Myron Side Table?sits ready to start the party.

5. Duo Bar and Restaurant

The Nico Dining Table?and Chairs emit a classy nonchalance so iconic of the Scandinavian style.

6.?????? Craft Coffee Albion

These Tricia?Dining Chairs?hug the wall comfortably and with style inviting you to stay for just little longer. ?

7.?????? Journey?s Kitchen and Bar

The Elena Sofa 2.5 Seater Grey Couch sits?excitedly?awaiting you to join her for a cuppa joe while the Carlton Nest of Three Coffee Tables – Black?awaits the cup you drink from.

4 & 8. Shawty?s Espresso














The Alana Bar Chairs?rest against a delightful two-tone backdrop, inviting customers to sit and relax. All the while the Mika Stools in black and white/natural oak dominate the center of the caf?.

If you guessed that every single piece was ours, you were right.

Sitting quietly in cafes in Woolloongabba, Newstead, and Springfield Central, Scandinavian furniture is creating quite a stir.

At North Hem, we love what we do.

We take expertly created furniture from local artisans and make it available worldwide.

We help solve the problem small business owners run up against in shipping costs, mass production, and customer service limitations. In short, we protect their way of life.

We ensure that their art form finds the people it was made for. We ensure it finds you.

So this Spring, in the spirit of renewal, we?ve renewed our brand and we encourage you to take a look at what?s local when you?re ready to renew your space, your home, your life.

Scandinavian Simplicity is here to stay. Where will you find your design?

Love what we?re putting down? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We?d love to know what you think, where you shop, and what styles you?re looking for. Let us know, and we?ll find it for you.

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