5 Ways to Add Art to Your Mid-century Modern Design

5 Ways to Add Art to Your Mid-century Modern Design

Mid-century Modern Design (along with its Scandinavian counterpart), don?t require much art to feel high end. In fact, the simpler the design the closer to the mark. However, sometimes you just want to add a little something to the space. Here are 5 ways to tastefully add art to your Mid-century Modern Design without breaking the rules:

1. Fill the space:

When there?s clearly a hole in the design, sometimes you need to think outside the box to fill it. This example goes way outside the box and fills an entire wall with an abstract art piece. It works beautifully filling the hole in an otherwise difficult to utilize space, and contributing to the overall design.

2. Make it functional:

Art doesn?t always have to fit snugly on the wall. If you can turn a required piece of your room into something special, you?re checking two boxes in one. This light fixture looks gorgeous and adds the missing touch to a perfect Mid-century Modern space.

3. Build it:

Designing on a shoe-string budget? Make it yourself. This piece looks fantastic and with the added texture, it?s sure to stand out on any wall. Sometimes, it?s our own creations that have the deepest meaning.

4. Leave it blank:

The simplest design is always the best option. You don?t need to put too much thought into this piece and yet it adds something intangible to the space it lives in. Don?t over-think it. Just stick it up there and let it do its job.

5. Reflect it:

An old technique is alive and well (with a twist). Instead of filling entire walls with mirrored panels to open up a space, let?s allow a little artistic freedom in our mirror d?cor. This set looks beautiful and reflects the potted plants adding two elements of Mid-century Modern Design to one wall.

So, which option will you add to your Mid-century Modern Design this season?

We look forward to your comments (and pictures) below.

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5 Modern Homes for Sale Now!

5 Modern Homes for Sale Now!

A great modern home lends its space to mid-century modern and Scandinavian designs. The following are several homes for sale in Queensland right now; and their space is perfect for the clean, geometric designs we love so much here at North Hem.


Picture Perfect Modern Home Cottage

Cottage in Maryborough, QLD

A Cottage for Cozy Mid-Century Modern Living

The first in the list of houses we found, this cozy cottage has wood floors in the interior, natural wood countertops in the kitchen, and interior layout that showcases the ideal of both comfort and function essential to mid-century modern design.

indoor-outdoor living space modern home

Indoor-Outdoor Living Space from Petrie, QLD

Indoor-Outdoor Modern Home in Petrie

An integrated indoor-outdoor living space provides healthy atmosphere, space for outdoor gatherings, and a seamless transition between the world and your home. While not core to Scandinavian or mid-century modern design (both being in colder climates than ours), a good indoor-outdoor home will use the geometric shapes of mid-century modern, create clean lines for furniture to be laid out on, and integrate the natural colours of nature with the home itself. The home above does all that and more.

modern home combined living and dining room

Home in Herston, QLD

Living and Dining Room Area

This house in Herston showcases the natural wood tones essential for mid-century modern design. For the family who wants to create a minimalist but functional layout with both living and dining within the same space, this picture shows how to do it.

modern home natural wood colours

Home in Cornubia, QLD

Mid-Century Modern Colours and Wood Tones

The natural wood tones and solid colours of mid-century modern decor fit well in this home, as shown in the wood paneled ceiling and floor. With the high ceilings, natural lighting, and modern colour scheme throughout the home, this is a perfect place to plan rest and life through great design.

Clean Kitchen in a Modern Home

Home in Palm Beach

Kitchen to Live in and Die For

This kitchen is a key part of what made this house get on the list. The geometric backsplashes for the counters and the island add a touch of movement and change in colour against the white cabinets and countertops. But, the solid colours give the room a sense of minimalist design while the stools at the island are easily part of any Scandi styled home.


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50?s Interior Design Making a Comeback. Mid-century Modern Flashbacks

50?s Interior Design Making a Comeback. Mid-century Modern Flashbacks

Mid-century Modern design is, by nature, a mix of retro and modern design elements. What?s surprising, however, is how very familiar these elements are from what was hot in the 1950s. Let?s explore what?s making a huge comeback and how you can include it in your next redesign.

1. The indoor-outdoor room

The indoor-outdoor room is one of the hottest additions to architecture today. When you can open a wall and let in the natural light and fresh air, you?re creating an entirely new atmosphere in your home.

2. Minimalism

Simple and clear d?cor is a centerpiece of Mid-century Modern design which borrows elements of Scandinavian design. An element that?s quickly becoming a movement of its own.

3. Natural material

The use, and showcasing of, natural materials without covering them up pairs well with the minimalism movement. Terrazzo floors without a rug or carpet, wood-paneled walls without hanging d?cor, and plant-life everywhere are just a few elements that have returned from the 1950s.

4. Use of natural light as d?cor

An element of d?cor we mention often here at North Hem, natural light takes on an air of its own and a prerequisite of almost any design style. When combined with the rest of these flashback elements, a retro design palette takes shape that looks surprisingly modern.

What retro elements do you see making a comeback?

We?d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and join the North Hem conversation.

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6 Minimalist Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

6 Minimalist Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

Many people think mid-century living rooms are defined by the ottomans, sofas and lounge chairs, but good mid-century design combines permanent aspects of the room with the furniture to make a comprehensive layout. Great mid-century design is clean and almost austere in its minimalism. A mid-century modern image search brings up many good living room designs but also shows many poor design ideas because of lighting, clutter, and confusing design crossover.

The following images showcase minimalist and mid-century design trends.

danish mid-century modern living room

Image Courtesy of Rilane

Danish Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

This room showcases Scandinavian and Danish tastes for clean lines and clear spaces while sporting mid 20th Century furniture and living room rug. From the leather sofa to the mid-century sideboard storage, this room has a retro feel. While the furniture is moving to a late century feel (70s-80s), the minimalist room layout keeps the feeling of disco retro from getting overwhelming.

mid-century modern living room leather sofa

Image Courtesy of Home Decort

Living Room With Leather Sofas

This living room returns to the more neutral colours and furniture of classic mid-century designs. The leather sofas offset the light walls and rug, and the globe lighting matches the circular pictures on the wall to offset a very straight-lined living room.

mid-century modern living and dining rooms

Image Courtesy of ?Pinterest?

A Perfect Mid-Century Living Room and Dining Room Combo

The fabric furniture in this living room and dining room combination shows how mid-century fabrics soften minimalist designs so that a room can be furnished simply according to utilitarian needs but still feel comfortable. The blanket, books, and French press on the table present a lived in appearance, but the simple furniture of a sofa, lounge chair, four dining room chairs and two tables would feel Spartan if it wasn’t for the soft furniture.

mid-century modern furniture contemporary living room

Image Courtesy of Vera Bug

Mid-Century Modern Furniture in a Contemporary Setting

This apartment living room has many contemporary minimalist features, including the art, stand-alone shelving unit, and the floor to ceiling windows. The wood armed lounge chair and grey 3-seater sofa work well with the contemporary feel and 21st-century technology.

modern living room tiled floor

Image Courtesy of Digs?Digs

Mid-Century Den

The mid-century modern furniture in this den/living-room showcases how you can incorporate the geometric shapes of mid-century modern with something more cozy than people often associate with the clean lines of mid-century modern design.

minimalist mid-century living room

Image Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Minimalist and Mid-Century Modern Showpiece

The natural wood floors, modern furniture, and clean walls with a high ceiling set this living room apart from all the others in this list. Both mid-century modern and contemporary minimalist design rules are followed in this piece and showcase how to use mid-century modern furniture to create a clean, minimalist, and even comfortable living room space.

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These Great Scandi Bedrooms DeClutter Your Life

These Great Scandi Bedrooms DeClutter Your Life

A bedroom is a tricky part of your house to get just right; the need to sleep comfortably takes up significant amounts of space and introduces clutter that is not ideal in a Scandinavian or mid-century modern home. As the following Scandi bedrooms show, a savvy home decorator can integrate Scandinavian design principles with a comfortable sleeping space.

scandinavian window bed

Image from BlogLovin

A Window Scandi Bedroom

For single beds, a window seat may be a great way to remove the biggest piece of clutter from your bedroom: the bed. This room incorporates natural wood tones with a clean floor, carpet, and different geometric shapes with a natural lighting that can be perfect as a sitting area, or as a clean-lined bedroom.

dark colour bedroom

Image Courtesy of Coastal Style

Dark Coloured Room

Using neutral and natural colours leads to many light coloured rooms, but sometimes you want something a little more warm in your sleeping environments. This room shows how to keep a natural wood floor, use throw rugs,and clean lines. These neutral colours also work well when incorporating more mid-century modern furniture in your minimalist bedroom, like our Guido upholstered queen bed frame.

natural wood geometric rug bedroom

Image Courtesy of Avenue Lifestyle

Natural Wood Bedroom

This bedroom incorporates both the rustic feel of natural wood with the clean, refined lines of finished wood furnishings. With the geometric photos on the wall, the hanging lights, and the geometric pillows and rug, this bedroom feels both cozy and incredibly minimalist. The fabric bed fits well in both modern and Scandinavian designs.


Dinesen Home Clean Wood Bedroom

Image Courtesy of Nordic Designs

Dinesen Home Natural Wood Bedroom

This bedroom showcases the best of Scandinavian design for comfort, function, clean lines, and minimalist living. The cane back hardwood arm chair?in the corner sets apart space for you to sit in comfort. The bed matches the room while still being incredibly comfortable and the recessed TV does not distract from the clean lines and open floor plan of the bedroom.

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