Outdoor Design for Your Home, 4 Inspirational Photos

Outdoor Design for Your Home, 4 Inspirational Photos

A good exterior can make or break the living arrangements in your home. While North Hem?s design rules, inspiration, and product lines often focus on the interiors, we like to take some time to enjoy inspirational exteriors here as well.

The following pictures are inspirational for many a home. While some are a little more modern and less Scandi or Mid-Century modern, we think you will agree that they are all rather striking.

Beautiful Desert Exterior

Image Courtesy of Libertyn Interiors

A Beautiful Desert Exterior

This beautiful desert exterior surrounds an interesting, if exotic, display of 20th Century modern design. While the neutral colours and geometric lines match our design, the stark concrete-like building materials makes for a rather austere feel that works well with a desert environment.

Image Courtesy of Georgiana Design

Modern Home with Beautiful Pavers

This modern home fits more with our contrasting neutral colours, geometric shapes, and the minimalist comfort of a mid-century modern design. Using the square pavers throughout the outdoor living space is a good contrast to typical concrete or brick patios and makes this exterior a welcoming and livable space.

Image Courtesy of ArchDaily

An Outdoor Courtyard

A tree rarely feels so much a part of a designed space as it does in this modern courtyard. The shapes and colours of this courtyard are a perfect setting for a modern apartment complex, home, or even a business.

Outdoor Design: Living and Dining in Style

Finally, this is an inspirational setting for any home?s exterior. Although more colonial than modern, the outdoor armchairs are great uses of modern furniture brands, and the fireplace is a great addition to any outdoor living experience.


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Meet Our Living Showroom Partners: Black Lab Coffee

Meet Our Living Showroom Partners: Black Lab Coffee

One of our favorite unique features of North Hem is our Living Showroom partnerships. In a Living Showroom you can see some of North Hem?s mid-century or Scandi furniture in action. We partner with businesses in the Brisbane area where, in the course of your day, you can see and use some of our pieces. Find out for yourself how our furniture can work in a space, examine the quality workmanship, and ?try before you buy.?

One of our Living Showroom partners is Black Lab Coffee in Tarragindi. Black Lab Coffee features excellent barista-made coffee, a breakfast menu, North Hem?s stylish Zola dining chairs, and is even dog-friendly. Bring your own preferred pooch and get their opinion on furnishings while you enjoy your coffee!

They?re just off the M3 and you can even meet Audrey; mascot, logo inspiration, and the ?boss? of Black Lab Coffee. Stop in and take a photo – upload it to your social media, whether you?re featuring your drink, your dog, or your North Hem seating! They?re open from 5:30 am – 1:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 7:00 am – 1:00 pm on Sundays.

Get Inspired by Our Newest Products: mizu-mizu

Get Inspired by Our Newest Products: mizu-mizu

If you have noticed the new dinnerware lines on North Hem?s main website, you might be wondering about what inspires them, and how to incorporate our dinnerware collections into your modern, Scandi, or Asian styled home. Below are some of our thoughts on one of our new collections, the mizu-mizu collection.

Mizu-Mizu Dinner Dishes

Inspire Freshness

Design doesn?t have to be sacrificed for practicality. In fact, design can enhance the practical. Our mizu-mizu line of serveware, named for the Japanese element of water, hints at the vital, growing things of the world. Let the design of your dishes influence healthy food choices and present your meals in a way that inspires.

Inspire Elegance

Inspire Experience

If formal presentation of gourmet fare is what you need, clean, elegant serveware certainly does the job. Showcase your edible art on luminous porcelain. Impress that important person in your life, or show your appreciation with a beautiful dining experience – all provided by your own two hands.

spice up interior design

Spice Up Your Interior Design

Spice things up by combining different items from our mizu-mizu line. Here a round, white cup pairs with the tawny, rectangular platter for a winning contrast of shape and hue. Lovely in any modern dining room; serve up varied condiments for a family buffet-style meal or present classy entrees with a pleasantly modest flair.

inspire mizu-mizu dinnerware

Mizu-Mizu – Inspire Life

Mizu-mizu not only works for dining in elegance, but can also provide a classic look. Enjoy a simple, fresh lunch on the go, or serve up something lovely for friends. Versatility is key, and just as the mizu element implies, you?ll find these dishes are adaptable to many environments and purposes.

Do you love being inspired by our beautiful dinnerware lineup? Check out our other new product line, enProduct, below.

Get Inspired By Our Newest Products: enProduct


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