5 Innovative Ways to Find Modern Furniture

5 Innovative Ways to Find Modern Furniture

Furniture and innovation do not often go together in people?s minds. For hundreds of years, furniture design has been limited by the immediate practicality facing any furniture design: does it work? Although it seems like furniture stays the same, if you study the history of furniture, you will see changes in furniture design that exploded with the integration of new materials and manufacturing processes in the 1950s.

While mid-century modern significantly changed the approach to furniture, furniture shopping has not followed the internet revolution as quickly as other shopping systems. That is because it is hard to answer the fundamental question to furniture design online: does it work?

Although the increase in quality and affordability through internet marketing has taken time to create innovative furniture shopping, the last few years have seen modern innovators shake the furniture economy. Here are 5 innovative ways that furniture shoppers can find modern furniture.

Online, Direct to Consumers

The fundamental question is often answered through show rooms, word of mouth, and money back guarantees. Since shipping times and systems have become more reasonable across the globe because of Amazon?s delivery systems, people are now willing to trust online furniture stores to deliver furniture direct to their home. This means that consumers are able to find and choose designer furniture at an affordable price and without making specific trips to the designers? showrooms.

Create Relationships with Furniture Designers

Whether finding artisans and designers on your own or using a site like North Hem to follow designers you enjoy, the modern relational economy means people can build relationships with their favorite furniture designers wherever they are on the globe. Love Japanese ceramics? Check out our dinnerware items and save yourself a trip to the Japanese manufacturing center.

Fulfilment and global shipping are part of modern furniture shopping. Savvy customers build relationships with their favorite artisans, whether direct or through an intermediary like North Hem.

Garage Sales

This innovative method for finding furniture is not new by any means. But, there are ways to make garage sale shopping more innovative. Mobile technology means that you are able to check furniture on site if it?s a designer you are not familiar with. You can look up the approximate cost of rehabbing used furniture before you commit to buy a designer brand that has been lovingly used.

Design Your Own

Whether you use ancient and timeless techniques to create wood furniture or find a 3D printer to create your space age designs, innovators always understand the joy of do-it-yourself projects. Yes, this is often more expensive in time and supplies than purchasing from an online furniture store, but sometimes innovation is about the joy of doing, not the affordability or quality.

Follow Bloggers in the Know

Finally, innovative furniture shoppers will take the time to read, engage, and follow other innovators in the field. Whether that is furniture review blogs, online stores that source modern furniture direct from the designer or following designers themselves.

With patience, a budget, and an internet connection, modern shoppers can find some of the best designer furniture that the 21st Century Provides.

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