Natural woods, open spaces, geometric shapes, these are all parts of modern Scandi design that can make a bathroom really stand out from the ordinary. The following are examples of bathrooms that really showcase different aspects of Scandinavian design.

spa scandinavian bathroom

Image Courtesy of Housely

Spa-Like Scandi Bathrooms

The wood and glasswork in this bathroom really make it feel like you are in a spa. While thinking about toilets is not the most inspiring design, it is necessary for private bathrooms because space demands that all your privy activities are done in the same room. This bathroom took the toilet into consideration in creating a glass enclosure that still feels a part of the room, is affordable to install, and keeps unwanted smells from the bath and shower.

tiny space scandinavian urban bathrooms

Image Courtesy of Decoist

Make Use of Tight Spaces

Technically a shower, this bathroom really showcases hot to get the best use out of tight spaces. Although intimate in space, it feels like a place to really wind down after a long day?s work or gain inspiration in the morning under the oversize shower head.


Image Courtesy of Rilane

Scandi and Mid-Century Fusion Bathrooms

Traditional black and white square tile makes this bathroom feel like a cross between Scandi and mid-century modern design. The hot water piping to the towel rack is an ingenious way to ensure you have a warm towel ready after stepping out of the bath or shower.

minimalist scandinavian bathrooms

Image Courtesy of Architecture Art Designs

Extreme Minimalist Scandi Bathroom

This bathroom is at once inspiring and a little overwhelming. The minimal colour-scheme on the walls contrasts nicely with the bold fittings in both black and copper. The wood shelf under the sink and the wood stool by the bath add a nice texture and the large bath is a place you could easily lose yourself in.

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