A minimalist?book-lover understands the frustration that comes with creating modern book nooks. Something that both?fulfills?the rules of modern Scandinavian design and is functional and comfortable. The following reading nooks?show how a book nook can be styled in a modern home and still provide necessary comfort and function.

scandinavian dining room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Life1nMotion

The Modern Dining and Reading Room

Clean lines, geometric shapes and a neutral colour palette?make this dining room reading nook a centerpiece of function and form for a book and modern design lover. Rather than cluttering the space of the room, the bookshelves serve to accent one side of the dining room and can double as a clean-lined divider for creating multi-use space out of a single great room.

scandinavian study reading nook

Image Courtesy of Theo Bot

Clean Study Space

The industrial look of the computer and office chair are naturalized by the wood countertop and floors and further softened by the neutral colour and minimalist layout of the shelves. This design shows how to maintain simple yet elegant design while still creating a workspace in your home.

play room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Modern Parents Messy Kids

Play and Learn Together

The window seat ties together the reading nook with the necessary playroom space. The clean colour scheme and decluttered shelves and floor showcase modern minimalistic design while still providing space for a 21st-century playroom.

corner reading nook

Image Courtesy of My Scandinavian Home

Corner Book-Nooks

The corner reading area is what most people imagine when they think of book nooks. The image often associated with a reading nook is an Old World European style. On the other hand, this reading nook shows that modern Scandi design can meet a book lover’s desires. The wooden armchair keeps the?Scandinavian feel while providing a perfect place to curl up with your favorite book. Rather than distracting from the other spaces in the house, or adding to the clutter, the geometric bookshelves present a great backdrop for the books and set apart this corner of the room for reading and relaxing.

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