What is the view you love the most in your home? For many people, a house becomes a home the moment they walk up the front walk for the first time, coming into their home. The exteriors of a home often make a house a home. Since we love home inspiration, the following are 4 posts we found of a front walk that showcase how an exterior view can make a house your home.

cozy adobe exteriors

Image Courtesy of Real Estate.Com.Au

A Cozy Adobe Exterior

While the colour?and material of this exterior may be more common in the American desert, this Adobe styled siding fits well with a modern home in much of Australia. The home looks like it fits in any warm climate, while it also promises the perfect temperature home within. The front walk is pleasantly laid out all the way to the well-light entryway. Definitely cozy!

modern home

Image from Real Estate.com.au

Modern Exterior

The straight lines, mixed materials on the exterior, and windows and doors are all part of the modern appeal of this house. The wood fence and tree serve to give the home a more lived-in feel than many modern homes get. The wooden door itself plays a bit of a homelike counterpoint to the rest of the homes modern materials and feel. If you like modern houses and are looking for an exterior where it is easy to fill at home, let this design inspire you!

grey neutral colour exterior

Image Courtesy of GJ Gardner

Neutral Grey Home

This home has a minimalist and modern exterior, and the grey colour will go well with almost any exterior. The plants and sloping lawn reduce the severity of the formal lines and warms up the cool colour scheme. While it may not be for everyone, this house is definitely a place that many people would love to call home and enjoy the memory of every walk up to the front door or drive into the garage.

Invited In


Invited Into A Home

This final home blends many of our favorite modern themes with some great photography and lighting to beckon the viewer up the walkway and in the front door. The different shades of the home provide both a welcoming warmth, and a refreshing cool, depending on the viewer’s desires. The landscape frames the home, not interfering but still very present. Finally, the windows offer a peak inside at the comfort the homeowner feels as they sleep and play in rooms that are perfectly lit. Of all the exteriors we found, this one makes you want to feel right at home.

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