Good sofas with chaise set apart any living area, and as you can see in the following images, there are tremendous people showcasing how to use a sofa to set apart their living areas in many different styles.

White Sofa with Chaise

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Sofas with Chaise Integrate with Exposed Wood Architecture

Natural elements and whites define this lovely lounge space. The bench-style coffee table and exposed wood architecture offer textural and rustic contrast to the more subdued rug, walls, and sofa. Curl up here with a book or put your feet up while you stream your favorite show. Mismatched pillows keep things casual without straying from the defined style, and the greenery indoors and out adds to the natural feel.

Grey Sofa With Chaise

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Elegant Understatement

Relax or host friends in this elegant, but understated room. The square arms of this sofa make a convenient surface for your book or drink, and add a masculine quality to the space. The low back of the sofa and short-statured coffee table leave the room itself to make a statement, with its tall windows and monochromatic walls. Use pillows soften the look, and accessories and fixtures to tie in the wood of the floor.

sofa with chaise

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Versatile Space Created with Sofa

This versatile space invites family movie night, lunch with a friend, or a place to spread out and conquer an important project. The coffee and side tables are both decorative and practical, and the sofa with chaise lounge offers comfort and style. A pair of lamps frames the space and additional interest is held by the geometric pillows framing the living space.

mid-century modern

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Mid-Century Sofa with Chaise

We love the midcentury vibe in this arrangement. The arm chair offers the perfect accent to the sofa with chaise, and its naturally warm color ties in perfectly to the round coffee table, floor lamp and window. You almost can?t go wrong with the sofa?s gray upholstery, and it?s perfect in this informal living room. Add some art and unique task lighting to round out a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

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