Contemporary furniture often defines the rooms is occupies. In interior design and creating the perfect room, it is important to have the right furniture, whether it is matching dining room table and chairs, designer sofas and couches, or the perfect bedspread. The following 4 pictures show how trend setting furniture can create an ideal room environment.


Image Courtesy of Instyle Decor

A Modern and Garish?Setup

This room has the flair of modern geometric design in its furniture. But, the gold legs on both the chairs and the table give it an over the top ostentatious look. While the room looks too expensive for the average consumer, there is a certain elegance in its expensive simplicity.

The dining room table and chairs match perfectly. The diffused lighting from the window speaks of hidden things to be discovered, and every piece of furniture and accessory, including the flowers, speaks of a moneyed lifestyle. Love it or hate it, its hard to misunderstand it.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Contemporary Furniture Sets This Living Room Apart

This room is defined by the grey designer sofa. The light floor, white walls, and white cabinets would be overwhelmingly monochromatic without the grey colour to contrast with them. The fabric cushions and pillows serve to emphasize a mid-century modern feel while the colours and geometric lines of surrounding furniture define a room that fits even more minimalist design trends.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Sofa with Chaise

This lounge sofa with chaise truly encompasses the spirit of this living room. Designer bag chairs and nested coffee tables make the room feel like a perfect place to work, rest, or spend time with friends. The geometric bookshelf in the back, the wood floors, and the neutral colour tones follow all of North Hem’s Scandinavian Design Rules and show that this living room is not just inspired by the contemporary furniture. Every aspect of this room complements the modern design trends.

Contemporary-Armchairs Scandi Design

Image Courtesy of Analog DIalog

Scandi Inspired Arm Chairs

While these armchairs may not have traditional armrests, they are the perfect accent for this room. As examples of modern geometric design (in this case parabolas), these chairs are natural parts of the entire design of this room. Showcasing both a rocking and static leg pattern, these wood backed chairs provide space within the room to study, to share coffee with a friend, or just to relax with a good book or a movie on your IPad.

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