Sometimes the picture-perfect look isn?t exactly what we want for our spaces. It?s gorgeous and ideal, but sharp corners and white cushions can feel like impending doom to busy homeowners.

If that sounds like you, check out these rooms. The mix of modern and traditional works in both functionality and style, so there?s no worry about life rearranging your design.

1. Modern Dining Table in A Cozy Library

2. Contemporary Lighting Over a Traditional Sofa

3. One Living Area Done Two Ways


4. Art or Modern Coffee Table?

5. Picture Perfect Seating

Which design best suits your busy lifestyle?

Personally, I gravitate toward the clean design of number one. Drop your favorite in the comments below?

This combination of modern and traditional furniture and design is the perfect way for this writer to wrap up a beautiful relationship with North Hem. Their generosity and embrace of my every contribution has been a launching pad and a blessing.

Here?s to all the success in the world to this beautiful, caring company.

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