Sometimes all you really need is the perfect chair to turn a blas? living space into a power-packed designer home with comfy seating. Check out NorthHem?s 5 favorite Midcentury and Modern chair styles for any home.

1. Armchair

Sit it askew of the focal point in your living area and let Feng Shui take over. This Armchair is masculine and dominating in a room that needs little more than color and a strong arm to turn it around.

2. Executive Chair

Speaking of dominating, this Executive Chair dominates in color what it lacks in height. The new look for the season? Short backs and strong bones. This fits perfectly into any room in the house.

3. Office Chair

Home office, or designer set? This Office Chair takes the cake in style and contemporary throwback. Place it in any room to start a conversation about your incredible taste.

4. Lounge Chair

If you just need a place to relax why not do it in style. This Lounge Chair is all you need to feel comfortable in your own home while pulling off the easiest way to make the neighbors jealous.

5. Rocking Chair

And talk about throwback design. This Rocking Chair may just take you way, way, way back in time. It?s sure to inspire some lasting conversations around the television, or maybe just your cat?s appreciation.

There you have it folks. 5 chairs that fit into any room you can think of while placing some envy-inducing style in your home.

Which chair is your favorite?

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