Scandinavian furniture has become an art form in simple functionality. The simple design evokes emotion and inspiration. The evolution of the European design that has become one of the most popular forms of home d?cor, illustrates the brilliance of mind in furniture then and now. Five examples of this evolution started with the inventor and have now become a corner-stone of Jason Agustina design.

1. Tricia Dining Chair

egg to Tricia trans

Possibly evolving from The Egg, the simple curvature of the back inspires a relaxed sense of stability that contrasts directly with the straight lines and geometric shapes of Scandinavian design today.

2. Edel Chair

panton to Edel trans

The material was the centerpiece of this design and it remains a focal point today. With its smooth surface functionality in cleaning and fade resistance make this a popular choice?even now.

3. Bouvier Dining Chair

Y to Bouvier trans

Inspired by a simple change in the shape of the back, this chair pulls the eye and provides a focal point for the room without taking over the design. From simple beginning, this type of back-styling has inspired many renditions to include our very own.

4. Evy Dining Chair

Spanish to Evy trans

Over time the complex is simplified and the Evy Dining Chair is no different. The arms were lowered while the interesting shape remained. The wood was covered in the most popular neutral of the season, and it became a work of art in its own right.

5. Zola Dining Chair

pk22 to zola trans

From a simple backward leaning chair, to an architecturally inspired dining chair. The PK22 became a sensation when it was introduced and set the bar for creativity and variety. This piece inspired leaning and cornered chairs and along came our Zola Dining Chair – a beautiful addition.


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