Bar and counter stools can be a stylish and functional way to add seating to a kitchen island or peninsula, but they can have a role elsewhere in the home as well. Be inspired by these five creative uses of stools.
plant stand stool


Using a Stool as a Plantstand

A stool is the perfect unit to tuck in front of a window as a plant stand. Display your favorite greenery without the need of a large shelf or dedicated piece of furniture. Use air-purifying potted plants or some savory culinary herbs for convenient use in the kitchen.

Side Table Stool

If the stool isn?t too tall, it makes a great side table for an inviting nook just about anywhere. Pair with a modest lounge chair, a good book, and a cup of tea or pour-over coffee for a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat in any corner of your home.

Drop Zone

Having a dedicated spot to place your keys or purse upon coming home is an essential element to organization. Use a small tray or dish to catch keys and pocket change and they?ll be handy when you?re ready to walk out the door again. Some hooks on the wall and a little rug for your wellies and you?ve an improvised mud room!

Foot Stool

A basic stool cut down to size (a fun repurposing project) can make an adorable foot stool. Paint, or upholster with some fabric to match your decor and you can have a demure footrest in any room.


You?ll need two stools for this, and a board (or boards) of any length. A fantastic option when you temporarily need extra space for serving, it can also be a permanent fixture as a creative hall or sofa table. Span the space between two stools with the boards and use it as a coffee bar, to display art, or even as a work space.

If you seek to follow principles of minimalism, many of these options can also provide additional seating for larger gatherings, so that you can keep your everyday living room seating to the basics. Win-win!

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