These Mid-century Modern Australian Living Spaces all have one thing in common. Wide open windows letting in plenty of natural light, and it?s no wonder with all the beautiful sunshine in the VIC. Taking advantage of their natural resources, let?s see how the locals live it up ? Mid-century Modern Style.

1. ?Collis House? 7 Godalmin St, Eltham VIC

This home displays pops of color beautifully and exposes natural brick elements in the wall to enhance rustic details mirrored in the forest view.

2. 4 Longland Rd, Mitcham VIC

This home lives minimally letting the view take center stage, and allowing family time become the entertainment for the evening.

3. 7 Atkinson St, Templestowe VIC

Incredible designer elements create an atmosphere of elegance in a room wrapped in class. Step into your dream home with this (not so little) number and enjoy the high-life.

4. 22 Orchard Gr, Heathmont VIC

Daring and visionary, this home displays bold elements with smart neutral framing colors to let the color speak for itself. Step into the excitement with this living space and live it up.

5. ?Love Blairgowrie?


If a home-away-from-home is in your wish list this holiday season, let Love Blairgowrie enhance your stay. A bedroom with expansive views will light up your stay every day.

These 5 homes show a side of the VIC that attracts newcomers and puts a knowing smile on the face of the locals.

Which one would you live in next time you stay in the VIC? Drop a comment below ? let?s hear it!

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