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We cover a lot of interior design here at North Hem, but when it comes to Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern designs, your options are not limited to the indoors. In fact, we’ve found 5 of the most incredible outdoor spaces that display Scandi and MCM design perfectly.

1. Posh Patio

With neutrals like these, your outdoor space will have the feel of a living area with the fresh breeze you so crave in outdoor living.

2. Wide Open Spaces

No roof necessary with this outdoor space. Enjoy the sunset through the trees without obstruction. When darkness fully engulfs you, light a fire and enjoy the sounds of nature in this modern backyard.

3. Disappearing Doors

Expand the space when you want it, and lower the separator when you don’t. This space comes with a gigantic window wall that folds closed when you’re ready to head in for the night. Natural light never felt so cozy.

4. Camo – Chic

Blend into the background with this stunning outdoor living area. The green cushions are framed by natural greenery making this the perfect place to be ‘one’ with nature.

5. A Dash of Design

This stunning patio is enclosed in the center of the house making it even easier to have a private getaway without leaving home. Add a dash of one of a kind design and this might be the most stunning Mid-century Modern patio we’ve seen to date.

Which outdoor space is your favorite? Are you looking for wide open spaces, or a posh getaway just one door over? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Sources: architectureartdesigns.com

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