1. Build into the site not on top of the ground

The approach to building many homes is to level out the land and start fresh on a wide-dug plot. What makes for better scenery (not to mention lessens the environmental disturbance) is to build into the scenery while disturbing very little native vegetation and wildlife. Not only is this a conscientious move for homeowners, but it also makes for that move-in ready home that seems to have been waiting for you for decades while the scenery took over.

2. Balance private and social rooms with an open concept and screened walls

Privacy doesn?t necessarily mean soundproof for every room. Some rooms simply require a separation of sight. Put up screen doors and walls to separate the spaces while also providing the social atmosphere you want from gathering rooms. You can keep your private rooms private while not walling yourself into each space.

3. Let natural light do the work (but that doesn?t necessarily mean sunlight)

Since we?re keeping it simple with our Mid-century Modern design, make sure your focus on lighting is on the light quality itself and not the fixture. Natural light from large windows is ideal, but when that?s not feasible use a natural sunlight-quality bulb and simple fixture to keep the eyes focused on the beautiful d?cor and not the hardware.

4. Smaller, more efficient rooms can be better than spacious overwhelming rooms

When you?re looking for a home that can sustain itself, and minimalism strikes you just the right way, consider building a home with smaller rooms to maintain efficiency. This also creates a cozier atmosphere and when the rest of the house is screened in, the smaller, walled in rooms will feel like the sanctuary they were meant to be.

5. Greenery should be seen, but that doesn?t mean indoors

Windows can be for more than lighting. Since we?ve already built our home into nature instead of on top of it, now you can see the surrounding benefits of your build choice. This brings peace to the home and a sense of balance without having to water the d?cor yourself.

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