5 Small Space Tips For Apartment Living

When it comes to living in an apartment, it?s actually pretty true that we become experts at making the most of our compact living spaces, finding nifty ways to incorporate the latest interior design styles into a small number of rooms. So, whether you?re completely stuck as to how to deal with living in such a small space, or if you?re just looking for new interior design ideas for apartments and small homes, here are 5 amazingly handy small space tips for apartment living.

Make The Room Appear Larger


Area rugs are a much-loved interior design accessory, and are actually becoming increasingly popular. They are available in a wide range of shapes, designs and shades, and there?s even special area rugs for small apartments that make them seem larger than what they actually are. A rug in a light, neutral shade, such as ivory or cream, work wonders at opening up the small space and making it appear bigger.

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Find Multiple Uses For Your Furniture


An awesome way to make the most of your small living space is to find multiple uses for your furniture. Double up your dining table as a desk during the daytime, or take inspiration from this picture and build a sofa on top of a bookshelf. Sure, it?s a little quirky, but doubling up the uses of furniture is a smart and savvy thing to do in compact apartments and houses.

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Use Compact Furniture


Sure, it may seem rather obvious, but using compact furniture in a small apartment or house is the best possible way to maximize the space inside. Apartments tend to appear even smaller than what they really are when it?s taken over by a large sectional sofa, so keep it compact when it comes to furniture.

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Keep The Colors Neutral


Sure, there?s nothing better than a pop of color in interior design, but the best way to make the most out of a small space is to keep the shades neutral. Using a mismatch of bright and bold colors makes rooms feel smaller, so stick to neutral shades and subtle accents here and there. Pastel shades also work very well in compact spaces, too.

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Take Lighting Into Consideration


No matter whether your apartment or house is large or on the small side, good lighting is always important. After all, one primary light in the center of the ceiling is never enough, and dimmer lights are always needed for evenings spent at home. An awesome way to make compact apartments and houses feel even more homely and cozy is to dot around plenty of lamps to turn on when it gets dark outside.

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