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Minimalist Scandinavian designs are perfect for a breezy summer day. As these following pictures from Australia and the US show, there are some great ways to use scandi design principles to increase your enjoyment of the summer season. These are just some summer decorating tips we have found this month. Leave us a not at the end of the post to tell us about your decorating ideas.


scandinavian dining room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Decoist

Increase Natural Light and Airflow

Not all houses are blessed with as beautiful an accordion door as this, but the principle remains the same. Open windows and doors to increase natural life. If you have an outdoor covered patio, move some furniture outside for the season. Take the glass panes out of screen doors to enable airflow without bugs.

scandinavian study reading nook

Clear the Floor

During the cool of winter, there is nothing better than sinking your feet into a soft rug or blanket at the foot of your bed. On the other hand, during summer the cool wood floor of a Scandinavian style home will be a refreshing part of your day. Take those throw rugs and use them on blankets or couches, if cleanable and small as pictured above. Or, if they are larger, roll them up and put them in an out of the way place. This will keep them clean from the mud and dirt of summer fun.

scandinavian study reading nook

Lighten the Interior

White walls and curtains are great for decreasing the temperature of a room’s interior. Since Scandinavian design loves to use contrasting white and black as well as natural wood tones, this is the perfect time to use white to lighten the feel of rooms. Use seasonal plants, natural wood furniture, and the occasional coloured piece like warm couch to enliven the room.

play room reading nook

Finish Projects

The clear white and black dichotomy of these chairs makes this summer kitchen and dining area stand out. Pick some sunny days to refurbish and repaint some old furniture, or buy new furniture that matches the cool look you want in the hot summer.

corner reading nook

Make Use of Forgotten Spaces

From the attic to the summer cottage, everyone has places that can be refreshed and reused in the adventurous spirit that the weather demands. Often rooms like this one are easily cooled via natural windows. And, the sense of connection with nature that comes from breathing the outdoor air through the night makes the adventure of attics and summer cottages even better.

What are some of your favorite summer design memories? How did the use of space, colour, and light impact your view of summer?

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