Mid-century Modern Design (along with its Scandinavian counterpart), don?t require much art to feel high end. In fact, the simpler the design the closer to the mark. However, sometimes you just want to add a little something to the space. Here are 5 ways to tastefully add art to your Mid-century Modern Design without breaking the rules:

1. Fill the space:

When there?s clearly a hole in the design, sometimes you need to think outside the box to fill it. This example goes way outside the box and fills an entire wall with an abstract art piece. It works beautifully filling the hole in an otherwise difficult to utilize space, and contributing to the overall design.

2. Make it functional:

Art doesn?t always have to fit snugly on the wall. If you can turn a required piece of your room into something special, you?re checking two boxes in one. This light fixture looks gorgeous and adds the missing touch to a perfect Mid-century Modern space.

3. Build it:

Designing on a shoe-string budget? Make it yourself. This piece looks fantastic and with the added texture, it?s sure to stand out on any wall. Sometimes, it?s our own creations that have the deepest meaning.

4. Leave it blank:

The simplest design is always the best option. You don?t need to put too much thought into this piece and yet it adds something intangible to the space it lives in. Don?t over-think it. Just stick it up there and let it do its job.

5. Reflect it:

An old technique is alive and well (with a twist). Instead of filling entire walls with mirrored panels to open up a space, let?s allow a little artistic freedom in our mirror d?cor. This set looks beautiful and reflects the potted plants adding two elements of Mid-century Modern Design to one wall.

So, which option will you add to your Mid-century Modern Design this season?

We look forward to your comments (and pictures) below.

Image Sources: pinterest.com, blog.tralhaodesigncenter.com, opensky.com, bloglovin.com, blog.westelm.com

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