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You’ve decided that Scandinavian is your style. Welcome to the exclusive club of distinguished home design experts. Scandinavian design is minimalism with a trendy twist and you’re in good company. So, when deciding how to decorate, it’s important to remain consistent with your design. Here are six art pieces inspired by Scandinavian design that will go perfectly with your beautiful Scandinavian furniture.

The Word:


Use pieces like this sparingly and in the center to draw attention. Surround it with images of family and friends?to remind yourself, and those who visit, the most important thing in life.

The Pieces:


A great designer piece adds class to any space. Brighten up your neutral zones with this splash of Scandinavian-inspired color.

The Smudge:


Calming and thought-provoking. If you’re not sure what kind of art suits your space, design a canvas all your own.?Better yet,?let the kids go nuts on a wall-sized spread.?The piece will quickly become?inspiring and memorable.



A classic Scandinavian piece. Use the grays and coppers to pull your d?cor together. The outdoor setting is perfect to bring a little air into your living space.

The Cups:


Playful and budget-friendly. This piece goes great in any room and is easy to do yourself. Add a little color to your Scandi-inspired design with the help of some whimsy.

The Lion:


This piece is bold and powerful. Hang a large image like this in the center of a bare-bones wall to add grandeur to any space. He pulls you into the room and gives the space a sense of wisdom (any everyone will think it was your idea).

Still need ideas for your Scandinavian inspired home? Check back next week and we’ll pull together beautiful images and great ideas for the trendiest rooms in your home.


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Share with us in the comments below. Which art piece is so-you?

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