6 Beautiful Homes that Use Summer Colors Excellently

Colors are not only aesthetically beautiful. They also play a role in how we feel. When decorating a home, the addition of specific colors brightens up a space, making it feel larger than it is.

Here are six beautiful homes that make great use of summer colors:

Blues and Golds


Photo Credit: http://roomdecorideas.eu/

Lighter shades of blues aired with teal and gold creates a feeling of luxury without being over-the-top. By keeping the color palette minimal throughout the room and adding a smattering of color in central locations, your eyes travel throughout the space taking everything in thoughtfully.

Lavender and Buttercup


Photo Credit: http://roomdecorideas.eu/

Buttercup is warm and buttery making it the perfect backdrop and accent color for this lavender colored living room. The two colors complement one another and allow room for another color, a light teal blue, to come into play.

Earthy Greens


Photo Credit: http://roomdecorideas.eu/

Earthy greens bring energy into a space. They give a room a natural, organic feel and match other bright colors such as pinks and warmer shades of blue well.

Coral and Green


Photo Credit: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

A beautiful coral color goes well with green as demonstrated by the d?cor in this bedroom. A bold print paired with solids makes an interesting display that everyone loves.

A Cornucopia of Color


Photo Credit: http://www.irishnews.com/

A combination of bright jewel tone colors makes a space sing. See how the pinks, blues, reds, yellows, oranges, and greens come together in a cohesive way?

Calming Cool Blues


Photo Credit: http://www.esprit.com/

Pairing cool blues with warm blues helps create depth in this beautiful living space. The rug helps pull the darker blues in, giving them the opportunity to shine.

A bold use of color transforms a home. It makes it bright and interesting. It also evokes feelings of tranquility and creativity which is ideal if you?re looking to invite more of both into your life.

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