6 Innovative, Contemporary Dining Rooms to Inspire

The dining room is a place to eat, hold conversations, and entertain guests. It?s a room that sees a lot of company and should be decorated accordingly. The following six contemporary dining rooms are extraordinary examples of what it means to dine in style.

So Fresh and So Clean


Image Source: http://www.livspace.com/blog/decor-secrets-scandinavian-style/

The beauty behind this room?s design is how simple and clean it is. There isn?t a lot of clutter to take away from the incredibly gorgeous furniture it contains. A pop of blue is all it takes to brighten up the room significantly.

Open and Airy


Image Source: http://www.idesignarch.com/small-modern-loft-in-prague-with-scandinavian-style-decor/

Sunshine-yellow-colored chairs makes this fabulous space sing. The furniture plays off the stone walls and mimics the natural light streaming in from the big picture windows. A playful yellow pillow can be seen in the living area of the home, making color transition seamlessly from space to space.

Welcoming Wood Into the Home


Image Source: http://www.homeportfolio.com/dining-room/photos/contemporary-sunny

Complement the wood floors in your dining room with a unique wood table. This one stands out because of all its imperfections. It?s a beautiful way to serve a meal and likely will become a big conversation starter because of how its cut.

Caf? Chic


Image Source: http://www.homedesignideas.eu/tag/modern-chandeliers/

This dining room mixes and matches different materials for a look all its own. From its copper pendant lights to its industrial silver metal chairs, it?s a room you want to sit in and stay for a while. It?s charming and contemporary, the way you want your dining room to be.

Cool Blues and Scandinavian Design


Image Source: http://4betterhome.com/scandinavian-style-interior-with-turquoise-blue-accents/

A bright shade of blue helps offset the starkness of the white chairs in this dining room. It helps cool down the dark finish of the table and plays off the natural light streaming in through the windows. You see a union of wood, glass, and metal coming together to create a beautiful contemporary space.

Balanced Lighting and Seating


Image Source: http://www.home-designing.com/2016/02/32-more-stunning-scandinavian-dining-rooms

The introduction of three pendant lights to this dining space helps balance out seating.? With three chairs on each side and one chair at both the head and the foot of the table, you can see how well this composition works for the space. Because there isn?t walls defining one room from another, virtual boundaries such as the lighting help the flow of each space as it transitions into the next.

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