6 Inspiring Homes in Stockholm

It?s definitely safe to say that a lot of the interior design styles of today are taken from Scandinavian homes. Many homes these days are decorated and furnished in the modern and minimalistic ?Scandinavian chic? style, complete with quirky furnishings, neutral shades, and subtle accent pieces. And what?s better for Scandinavian chic inspiration than actual homes in the stunning Swedish capital, Stockholm? Check out these 6 homes in Stockholm that are sure to give you plenty of interior design inspiration.



Wow. This bright and airy living room in Stockholm is complete with everything today?s interior designers could possibly ask for. The ivory walls are decorated with edgy black & white pictures, and are accented by the funky orange chair, bright indoor plants, and classic wooden flooring. The area rug and abstract pendant light look fantastic, as does the compact seating area.

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This living room/kitchen combo is effortlessly chic and minimalistic, complete with many of today?s edgy interior design styles. The kitchen table and benches are simple yet sophisticated, and the black & white wall prints work perfectly with the grey walls and indoor plants. Plus, nothing quite screams ?Scandinavian design? like cushions and throws draped around every seating area.?



This house in Stockholm is light, airy, and effortlessly cozy. The dark wood flooring is complemented by a couple of medium-sized area rugs, and the seating area in the corner features an accent chair, a quirky shelf and a gorgeous adjustable desk lamp. The wooden furniture gives off a rustic look, but overall this home is everything a living space in 2016 should be.?

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This stunning open-plan living area is decorated primarily in white, with plenty of subtle accent pieces here and there. This home only goes to show that it?s 100% possible to have an all-white living space without it appearing dull or bland, thanks to accents like cushions, books and colorful area rugs.



This all-white kitchen is beautifully modern, and features a minimalistic dining area. The closed storage units provide even more subtle minimalism, and the yellow cushion on the chair has carefully been thought out to provide the perfect accent shade. Whites tend to look great when combined with bright, neon shades, such as yellows, blues, and pinks.



Grey and baby pink look fantastic together, and this living space only demonstrates this further. The grey sofa and area rug match perfectly, as does the fluffy cushion and the centerpiece of the coffee table. The wall prints give the living room added character and style, too.

All photos are from Houzz.

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