Woodlands Residence Living Room

Jennifer Home Living Room

Cat Mountain Residence Living Room

The living room is the meeting point, the central area, of our homes and apartments. It?s the room in which we spend the majority of our time ? we use the living room to relax, unwind, watch television, and complete day-to-day tasks. So, because we spend so much time there, we should make the effort to make our living rooms?look?good, right? Our living room?s design should reflect our personalities, interests, and interior design preferences. Here are 6 stunning living room inspirations if you?re not too sure where to start.

Woodlands Residence Living Room

Woodland Residence Living Room

Custom designed by Four Square, this living room is just yet another piece of evidence that grey and green look fantastic together. This living room is modern and minimalistic, and the chairs are sure to bring a high level of comfort. The piece of art on the wall is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the room, but is not too ?in your face? as many accent wall pieces can be. We love the way the grey shades throughout the room are effortlessly combined with the green accessories.

Jennifer Home Living Room


This relaxing living room was designed by Windmiller Design, and perfectly reflects modern design, whilst still incorporating the owner?s personality into the mix, with personalized accessories and picture frames dotted throughout. The brick-wall centerpiece and contemporary chandelier looks beautiful with the dark-wood flooring and area rug, and the grey ottoman goes fantastically with the yellow blanket thrown on top. The perfect modern and minimalistic living room.

Cat Mountain Residence Living Room


Designed by Cornerstone Architects, the Cat Mountain Residence living room is bright, cosy and homely, with a fantastic combination of modern design and rustic pieces. The wooden beams and grand chest of drawers creates that perfect rustic effect, while the modern wood flooring and comfortable sofas are staples in the interior design styles of today. The centerpiece on the coffee table and houseplant bring a warm and pleasant effect to this stunning living room.

Alice In Wonderland Style Living Room


Designed by Interior Desires UK, this one-of-a-kind living room is definitely different to the typical modern and contemporary living rooms of today. Although the fireplace, white wall and flooring is minimalistic, it?s the sofa that acts as the accent within this daring living room. The colors are bright, bold, and pleasant, and the living room itself is definitely very pretty and girlie. Not for everyone, but kudos to those who dare to be different in interior design!

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Buckinghamshire Residence Living Room


This chic and minimalistic living room was designed by LLI Design, in which the sofa and wall art acts as the accent pieces within the room. We love the way the dark-pink sofa is combined with black & white and pink cushions, and the modern wall lamp stands proudly in the back of the room, next to the minimalistic piece of wall art.

Modern Home Living Room


Designed by Pamela Pennington Studios, this awesome living room combines modern and minimalistic furniture with personal touches like the wall art and quirky accessories. The area rug adds a warm feel to the room, and the huge indoor plant makes such a difference.

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