6 Of The Latest Hotels Opened That Are Every Interior Designer?s Dream

In interior design, it?s not only homes that designers focus on. In fact, there are more restaurants and hotels than ever before that are seeking out the most popular and renowned interior designers to make the interior really come to life. Hotels provide the perfect opportunity for people to get away and relax, returning home amazingly refreshed and rejuvenated. So, whether you?re thinking about getting away at some point this summer, or if you?re just after a little interior design inspiration, here are 6 of the newest hotels that are every interior designer?s dream.

ME Miami


ME Miami is the first hotel opened in the States by this renowned Spanish hotel company, and the interior design in the rooms and reception is absolutely impeccable. Many hotel rooms tend to be rather stiff and uncharacteristic, lacking in personality and style. However, this is definitely not the case here. Each room at the ME Miami is filled with stunning neutral shades, dim lighting that enhances relaxation, and all the home comforts you could ask for, from comfy throws on the bed to books dotted around here and there. What more could you ask for?

The Katamama Hotel, Bali, Indonesia


The Katamama Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, is a newly opened boutique hotel that?s full of character and style. This modern, edgy and contemporary hotel provides a number of different suites, and the one in the picture is the Pool View one. The way the bed doubles up as a minimalistic desk is fantastic, and the quirky pendant light draws the perfect amount of attention to the retro-inspired coffee table and the area rug underneath. Plus, who wouldn?t want to drink their morning coffee in a seating area like that?

Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This one-of-a-kind Amsterdam hotel has just opened again after receiving a major facelift, and guests are raving about the mesmerizing interior design in each of the rooms. The brilliant aspect of the Hotel Pulitzer is that no two of their rooms are the same, and each one has something different to offer, whether it?s cozy and quirky or spacious and luxurious, the choice is entirely yours. The sliding wardrobe in this room is pretty fantastic, as is the magnificent stack of books. Perfect for any book worm!

Four Seasons Resort, Lanai, Hawaii


If you?re looking for that perfect summer beach getaway, then you?ll definitely enjoy a stay at the newly renovated Four Seasons Resort in Lanai, Hawaii. This jam-packed resort provides plenty of rooms and suites to suit any type of guest; the one in the picture is the luxurious Ohana Suite. The way in which the bedroom opens up onto the huge balcony is mesmerizing, as is the dark wood contrasting with the creams and whites in the room. With awesome interior design, unlimited rest and relaxation and one of the best beaches in the world, what more could you possibly ask for?

Almaha Hotel, Marrakech, Morocco


This newly-opened riad/hotel is situated in Marrakech, and provides guests with a concept and experience that?s entirely unique. Decorated throughout in traditional Moroccan design, the interior designers fused this together with a gorgeous modern and contemporary vibe. Each room is full of curtains, throws, blankets, cushions, soft area rugs and dim lighting, creating a relaxing atmosphere that?s out of this world. Plus, each room provides many amenities including a fireplace, a walk-in wardrobe, under-floor heating, and two separate sinks and toilets.

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Situated on the vibrant and dynamic Maryah Island, the Four Seasons Hotel provides guests with a totally unique experience, and only the best interior design. Although each suite is a little different, it?s safe to say that guests leave them all feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and a lot like royalty. Suites are decorated throughout in neutral shades, paired here and there with subtle accent pieces, as we can see in the Presidential Suite Sitting Room. In terms of interior design, the folks who designed the rooms in this brand new hotel really have selected only the very best furniture and accessories.


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