For design that originated in a group of countries constantly at war with overcast clouds, natural light evolved into one of the highest design priorities. Here we?ve found 7 great examples of Scandinavian design?s number one rule. Natural Light.

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1. White-washed Walls

Beautifully white-washed walls and furniture to match, this kitchen was designed to invite natural light in. The copper light fixture helps bounce the light around the room making this one of the brightest kitchens we?ve seen with only two windows.

2 & 3. Glass Walls

These homes follow all the rules, but their dedication to natural light is something to be truly admired. Here we have two homes. The very walls were built to encourage the unobstructed view of the surroundings and allow for an incredible amount of natural light.

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4. Window View

Speaking of an unobstructed view, the furniture in this home was arranged in a very specific way. The sofa is low enough to allow the full length of the window to let light in. The single chair lets light travel through it, and the light fixture is long and narrow.

5. Draw the Eye

When your walls aren?t made of windows, it?s smart to draw the eye away from the shadows. In this open concept living area, the bright cherry red of the sofa and powder blue of the dining chairs draw the eye away from the shadowed kitchen and toward the large, open windows.

6. High Gleam

When you just can?t work with your windows to get the natural light you want, try some polish. This apartment is awash in polish. The floor glows, the glass ceiling gleams, and the fixtures shine. This helps the little light coming in to bounce around the room brightening it up as if the walls were made of glass.

7. Skylight

When you?re feeling glum, sometimes it?s best to look up. This galley kitchen becomes the bell of the ball with two wide skylights to brighten its prospects. Here, instead of suffering in a dark corner, the natural light flows from above making cooking an easy, relaxing experience.

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So tell us, what kind of natural light brightens your home? Drop us a line in the comments below. We?d love to get to know your home.

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