Outdoor living spaces, including indoor-outdoor combinations, always change the way a home is approached. Rather than living inside all the time, a well-designed outdoor room or patio increases the time we spend outdoors. This, in turn, gives us fresher air, better sunlight, and a feeling of connection with the world.

The following 7 pictures show how designers the world over incorporate contemporary furniture in their outside living environments.

Sectional Sofa Outdoor

Image Courtesy of Babmar

A Sectional Sofa Outdoors?

The sectional sofa has long been a key part of living areas. With many covered outdoor living rooms, a sectional sofa on the outside of your house might be the perfect getaway. While you are enjoying your beautiful views, your seating does not have to suffer. Depending on the climate, you can do a sectional sofa in an uncovered outdoor room as well.


Image Courtesy of Interiors By Studio M

Using Floor to Ceiling Windows

Sometimes locating a room with permanent furniture completely outdoors is not practical. Whether it is because of the lot size or the local weather, a large window can solve this problem. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring you outside the room and into the greater outdoors even if you are still in a completely enclosed environment.


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Combined Use – Indoor/Outdoor Living, Kitchen, and Dining Rooms

If your seasons provide you ample opportunity for outdoor living and occasionally require fully enclosed living spaces, this modern home is a perfect design. The large wood and glass panels that slide shut to enclose the area fit with the natural tones of the rock wall leading out the courtyard and the contemporary furnishings inside the house. Truly, this is outdoor living at its finest.


Image Courtesy of Artezan Al Net

Modern Geometric Outdoor Sitting Room

This contemporary home nests the outdoor sitting room well. The clean lines, natural lighting inside and outside, and the natural wood furniture make this a great example of a mid-century modern living area outside as well as in.

Natural Woods Outdoor Living Room

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Natural Wood Furniture Outdoors

The natural wood colours of this outdoor living area invite guests to sit and enjoy the view of the lake. In colder weather, you can sit and enjoy the wood fireplace while taking shelter in the partially enclosed outdoor space.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Rock Toned Living Space Sets The Tone

This outside patio is at ground level with the basement. This low-level outdoor patio is unique in this set of outdoor living spaces because of its below ground and almost enclosed feeling.


Image Courtesy of My Domaine

The Outside Fireplace, Patio, and Water Feature

Finally, this picture is all about the outside living. You can see the home in the background, but it is not what this picture is about. The water, the outdoor lounge chairs, and the fireplace demonstrate an outdoor area that is perfectly livable as the outdoors. Sometimes you want your outdoor living area to be as functional as an indoor one. Other times, like this, you want to enjoy the perfection of the great outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard.

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