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7 Patios That Will Make You Love the Outdoors

The space outside your home is every bit as important to furnish and decorate as the space inside your humble abode. The seven patios featured here give you plenty of reason to go outdoors and stay there long after the sun has gone down. Offering comfortable seating, a place to prepare meals, and plenty of entertainment options, the patio may very well become your favorite space quickly. Here are some examples of homeowners who have done it right.

  1. Well-Lit and Open  


Photo Credit: http://www.homedesignbiz.com/

Entertain at night with a patio equipped with adequate lighting. This spacious patio design includes a kitchen perfect for grilling and entertaining friends. You don’t have to go inside when the sun goes down, either, making it the perfect space for dinner parties and family celebrations.

2) A Fireplace Opposed to a Fire Pit 


Photo Credit: http://upload.mexzhouse.com/

A fireplace trumps a fire pit any day of the year. Especially when it is as elegant as this one is. Cozy up for an evening of drinks with good friends. You’ve got the space and created a relaxing atmosphere for them to enjoy.

3) Keeping It Cool with a Ceiling Fan 


Photo Credit: http://crescentdc.com/

Enjoy your patio no matter what the weather is doing. This semi-closed patio space provides protection from rain and also has a ceiling fan for days when the temperature skyrockets. With comfort in mind at all times, this is the type of space you want to consider if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

4) You Don’t Have to Compromise Color 


Photo Credit: http://cdn.decoist.com/ 

A little color transforms an outdoor space making it chic and fun to be in. By choosing to strategically place colored tiles throughout this patio, the owner of this backyard oasis invites a sense of playfulness into the area. People enjoy the feelings they get when they see bright colors which is all the more reason to use them outdoors as well as indoors.

5) Cool Colors and Warm Feelings of Comfort 


Photo Credit: http://nudsgn.com/

You don’t have to give up color just because you’re decorating a space outside your home. In fact, inviting a cool color palette into an outdoor space helps liven it up and encourages you to spend more time on your patio. See how the blues and greens make you instantly feel happy when you look at them? Coincidence? We think not!

6) Ravishing Red and Outrageous Orange 


Photo Credit: http://www.roomenvy.co.uk/

Take your favorite colors and allow them to transform an otherwise neutral patio space. Reds and oranges are bright and expressive. They bring energy into a space quickly as you can see here.

7) Wide Open Spaces 


Photo Credit: http://cdn.decoist.com/

There are great reasons to be outdoors. One is the view. See it from all angles of your patio with this unique set-up. Make the most of wide open spaces by making sure there is plenty of seating for everyone!

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