The bedroom is a place of calm, quiet serenity. When creating our perfect slumber palace, we often look for similar elements. The same relaxing colors. The wide-open spaces. Though not all of our wishes can be granted when buying our home and furnishings, these Scandinavian bedrooms are designed to give you everything you want in your sleeping space.

The Blank Slate:

This bedroom eases the mind into deep sleep with its distraction-free walls and d?cor. The cooling, calming effect of the white-washed setting clears the mind until the morning when the natural light of the sun gently nudges you to wake.


This is the perfect guest bedroom getaway, or maybe you?re thinking of the kids when they return on holiday. Either way, this room is spot-on with its elegance and class. With the simple elements that encourage a laid-back day ? you can read in the hammock chair, prop your feet up on a subtle ottoman, or lay back and enjoy signature Scandinavian d?cor.

Vaulted Beams:

The narrow vault of the ceiling combined with the perfectly centered bed provide the perfect environment to snuggle into quilted warmth and let your thoughts drift upward and away. The mix of wood and white walls without a nail in sight puts you in a natural state of balance and serenity.

Rainy Grey:

It might not be your first choice for the family room color, but grey is perfect for the bedroom. What you groan about on a rainy day are the very things that induce a perfect sleep-state when you move them to the bedroom. Stormy d?cor makes this Scandinavian room a dreamer?s paradise.

So Little Space:

Lacking one of your wish list items? Most of us are, but don?t fret if you?re short on space. Scandinavian d?cor is designed around minimalist schools of thought and that?s perfect for you. Push that daybed to the edge of the attic and use that space for meditation, yoga or a good book in the setting sunlight.


When you?re looking for a place to get away, this brooding boudoir is the perfect place to nap the evening away or spend the day lounging. Fill the walls with your favorite sketches and throw that throw off the edge of the bed to match the angst within.

The Perfect Blend:

Everything you want in a Scandinavian bedroom can be summed up with this simple room. Open, minimal, a few pops of subtle color, and oh that bed. Build your own Scandinavian bedroom with the Guido Queen Bed. You?re off to a great start with this piece and sure to find your cozy corner of the house in no time at all.

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Looking for more Scandinavian bedroom sets with North Hem? Drop us a line below. We love to hear from home owners as excited about Scandinavian design as we are.

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