Not just any rules. Strict, stringent rules that make up what we categorize as Scandinavian design.

These 7 dining areas not only follow those rules, they nail them.

So let?s take a look at perfect Scandinavian design implementations done by the pros.

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1. The Plant

Every good Scandinavian design requires greenery to give it life. Live plants add breathing room to your design and a fresh look to the monochromatic hues. If you?re looking at adding some Scandinavian depth to your dining area, don?t forget the shrubs.

2. The Wood

Along with the natural plant life, wood helps bring the outside in. It adds warmth to the colder tones and richness to any space. Just make sure you follow the golden rule of design: Make sure it matches.

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3. The Pop of Color

The trendiest new addition to Scandinavian design is actually not as old as you?d think. Just last year, a pop of color was deemed the newest Scandinavian design trend of the year, and it?s been a staple ever since. There is one catch, however. Your pop of color had better be pastel, or it?s just not Scandinavian.

4. The Natural Light

A good rule of thumb for all designs, but especially for Scandinavian design. From a corner of the world where darkness reigns, natural light is the most essential piece of d?cor. Keep those windows wide open and pray for rain to come another day.

5. The Moody Tones

These deep, dark, neutral tones are moody and gorgeous. Notice how the darker wood really makes the light wood shine. That?s the trick with this Scandinavian rule. Black and white off-set each other making them stand out. Embrace the contrast.

6. The Subtle Glam

It?s minimalist and glamorous all at the same time. Scandinavian designers do this better than anyone. With just a fur throw across the simple chair, this dining area has become photograph-worthy. Never mind the glittering globe in the background. Add just a touch of designer to create a design-worthy look.

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7. The Geometry

Shapes are as a part of Scandinavian design as deer antlers and white-washed wood walls. Take a look at the subtle, yet powerful geometric pattern in this dining room. When space isn?t something you have, fill it with the smallest hint of signature design. This geometric backsplash adds that little extra something to this tiny dining room.

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Are you following the rules? Or breaking them? Let us know in the comments below. We?d love to hear what you think.

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