8 Interior Designs That Take Advantage of Beautiful Neutrals?

When it comes to interior design, color is nice but neutrals done beautifully is even better. Here are eight rooms done masterfully. Note how neutral colors look amazing in every area of the home.

Choose Fabric That Matches the Wood


Source: FoundedProject.com

Keep things flowing nicely by choosing fabric that takes on the same colors and texture of wood. This spare bedroom incorporates linen sheets, pillows, and window coverings that match the light color of the wood closet, chair, and bed.

Wicker and Linen Make a Beautiful Harmonious Combination


Source: ArmPnty.com

A wicker headboard and linen window covering make the perfect combination. It has an organic quality to it which is naturally beautiful and light. Paired with a neutral colored bedspread, this bedroom is aesthetically pleasing and airy.

Fit for a King and Queen


Source: Founterior.com

Everything about this room is comforting. From the neutral colored walls to the tiniest details including the color of the picture frames on the bedside table, this space welcomes natural light and serves as a cool reminder that you don?t have to be a minimalist if you use a variety of sized items to decorate a room.

Warm and Cozy Earth Tones


Source: DeCoolHome.com

Although the look of beige and linen seems to dominate this list, here?s a refreshing reminder of how warm earth tones are. See how the dark brown in the rug matches the wood grain of the desk? The darker color of the chairs helps balance out the light beige of the footstool and the comforter.

Beige and Beachy


Source: CWDArt.com

The contrast of patterns is what makes this living room pop. It?s one of the easiest ways to keep neutral colored spaces vibrant and interesting.

The Minimalist?s Bathroom


Source: CDN-HomeDesigning.com

Clean and well-lit, this modern bathroom is hard to recognize because there?s nothing traditional about it. Even the sink and toilet blend into the background so well that they?re hardly noticeable.?

Neutral and Delicious


Source: HomeBunch.com

This earthy kitchen makes use of wood and stone throughout its space. Decorating with neutrals makes sense because they match the natural color of the floor and backsplash.

The Natural Oasis


Source: CelebrateandDecorate.com

Alternating taller items with shorter items is a great way to achieve balance. See how sculptures and vases are used on each shelf of the bookcase to make it look harmonious?

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