8 Modern Melbourne Homes We Love?

As much fun as it is to furnish a beautiful home from the inside, we?d like to take a moment to appreciate the outside of these eight modern Melbourne homes. Each is an example of superior architecture and design. Although it was hard to narrow our list down to just a few houses, you?ll see why these incredible dwellings caught our eye.

1. Clearly a Great Choice?


Photo Credit: http://cdn.decoist.com/?

Who wouldn?t appreciate all of the natural light coming into this unique shaped and glass filled home? Imagine how low the energy costs are with a home that relies directly on the sun for light and warmth.

2. Nothing but Sunny Skies in the Forecast?


Photo Credit: http://www.e-architect.co.uk/??

Clever and cloud-shaped, this home really stands out because of its shape and the ability you have to peer inside its glass doors and windows. The use of color throughout gives the appearance of there being a rainbow inside this gorgeous, artistic home.

3. Warehouse No More?


Photo Credit: http://o.homedsgn.com/?

This one home?s interior is deceiving which is why it?s included on the list. From the outside, it looks like your typical warehouse. On the inside, it?s a modern Melbourne residence with a unique Moroccan flair.

4. Modern Minimalism ?


Photo Credit: http://humble-homes.com/

Purple in color and commanding a great deal of attention despite its small space, this pod-like dwelling is sure to delight the modern Melbourne minimalist in a number of ways. Think about how much time you?d save cleaning and decorating a space this small!

5. Make a Splash?


Photo Credit: http://largeluxuryhomes.com.au/?

You don?t have to travel far to enjoy the pool. In fact, glass partitions are the only thing that separate you from water in this chic modern home.

6.?Big and Boxy?


Photo Credit: http://www.designboom.com/?

This incredible space shows just how creative architects are. Not only does the glass provide an optical illusion for the eyes, the way the boxes are stacked makes this Melbourne home stand out in your mind.

7. Chic and Sophisticated Styling?


Photo Credit: http://cdn.hiconsumption.com/?

Everything about this layout is outstanding from the placement of the pool to the partition separating home from patio to the way the outdoor furniture sits in its own glass covered room. The upper structure is well lit but also very private with its use of floor length blinds.

8. Steely Blues and Grays?


Photo Credit: http://www.thepinnaclelist.com/?

This massive structure gives off a distinctly industrial feel with its boxy shape and blue lighting. It?s semi-open but also very private because the windows give only a glimpse of what?s inside.

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