8 Must-See Global Offices

In recent years, interior designers have expanded their attention and now not only focus on the home, but on offices spaces and business premises, too. More and more people have begun to realize that a well-decorated working environment is, in fact, a healthy working environment. So, whether you?re looking for a little office inspiration yourself, or if you?re just curious to see how the style of offices differ in various parts of the world, here are the 8 must-see global offices.

Contemporary Home Office ? Ottawa, Canada


Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of having their own office in their home. This modern and contemporary home office is situated in Ottawa, and is an awesome idea for small homes and compact apartments. The minimalistic desk and chair look fantastic together, and the owner has clearly made it their own by turning the far wall into a super-cool chalkboard, dotted with a few personal photographs here and there. The cute indoor plants look great, too.

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Skype Headquarters ? Palo Alto, California


Many major offices these days are decorated in sleek, minimalistic furniture and neutral shades, but the folks who designed the Skype headquarters obviously had something a little different in mind. The green and red shades work amazingly well together, and the glass partitions as walls create a modern twist. Plus, who wouldn?t want a pool table in their work office? A dream come true for many.

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Decom Office ? Venray, The Netherlands


Those folks who love nothing more than modern, minimalistic and stylish interior design in neutral block shades will adore this office for Decom, based in Venray, The Netherlands. The long white table provides a close-knit working environment, but not one that?s too close for comfort or stuffy. The huge area rug looks fantastic over the all-white floor, and the green ceiling hangings provide the perfect accent piece.

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North Hem EOFY Sale

Study Room ? London, England


This superbly pretty study room is located in London, and the contrast between the all-white pieces and pastel shades works beautifully. This type of home office is ideal for those who love nothing more than to be comfortable ? the chair looks super comfy, and the sofa provides the perfect spot to relax and take a break. The shelves are filled with books and items that reflect the owner?s personality, but aren?t full to the brim, making the office even more minimalistic. A vase of flowers always looks fantastic in an office space, too.

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Studio O&A ? San Francisco, California

5This bright and bold office space is different to many others due to its extensive use of eye-catching colors. Most office spaces these days are extremely minimalistic, so it?s certainly refreshing to see that many folks still love a good splash of color. The wooden paneled walls go with the patterned floor perfectly, and the seating area is perfectly modern and contemporary. Whether it?s in your office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you should never be afraid of a pop of color.

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Media Agency Office ? Houston, Texas


This Houston office space only highlights the fact that blue is an awesome color option for offices. A calming and tranquil shade, blue is ideal for working environments that tend to get a little stressful at times. Plus, good lighting is essential in offices, and these huge lighting pieces provide lots of light for each and every desk.

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Studio 11 Office ? Kiama, Australia


This quirky and edgy office in Kiama, Australia, is bound to be an awesome environment for those lucky enough to work there. The minimalistic desks and shelves go together perfectly with the indoor plants, as does the top-of-the-range computers. Tidy and organized, this office is guaranteed to be loved by those who hate clutter and mess.

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Muuto Meeting Space ? Copenhagen, Denmark


Muuto is a well-known Scandinavian interior design company, so it?s no doubt that its office space in Copenhagen, Denmark, will reflect just that. The huge ?Meeting? piece scrawled across the glass partition looks amazing, as does the quirky pendant lights hanging from the ceiling, drawing just the right amount of light onto the meeting table. The black and red furniture combined with the Scandinavian chic, minimalistic wooden floor, looks out of this world.

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