1. Globe Lights

Not the ones that make your head swim. Rather, a classier, wide bowl addition to your ceiling d?cor (preferably in copper). This stylish light fixture draws the eye and adds an interesting focal point to your space.

2. Wooden Folding Chairs

They?ve long been a Scandinavian staple in living space seating, folding style chairs are back with a new look. Light colored wood is making a huge impact on world decor, and so are the old world Scandinavian designs.

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Want one of these for your own stylish space? Check out the new NorthHem version. The Grey Nico Chair:

3. Blue is the New Pink

Where blush used to be the hot color on your wall, now blue encroaches with a vengeance. The darker the blue, the trendier your d?cor is this late spring and early summer.

4. Cacti

Bringing the outdoors-in is the true mark of a Scandinavian d?cor aficionado. In the states, however, cacti are making a huge impact on the indoors. Pick the less prickly ones for your indoor garden cuz you know you?ll wanna touch ?em.

5. Feathers

In design, art and centerpiece; feathers have secretly wandered into homes across the western world creating quite a stir. Their delicate design and wispy nature turn any room into a modern paradise.

6. Calendar Wall Art

Art prints are sooo 2016? unless they?ve got dates on them. This year?s big Scandinavian wall trend is all about well-placed time organization. Hang a large Calendar graphic in any room to add a little intrigue and keep you on schedule.

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7. Large Paper Lanterns

Thought we were done with ceiling fixtures? Not quite. If you?re not sold on the strobe light, perhaps a large paper lantern will tickle your fancy. This year?s whimsical trend seems to extend to all materials, delicate or not.

8. Tape D?cor

No, you didn?t read that wrong. Scandinavian decorators have declared tape to be the new way to put art on your wall. They only have one rule? we?re not going color crazy, so neutral tapes only.

9. Tents

For families of small children, this is the trending play place for your living space. Reading nooks, imagination corners, hiding places. A beautiful tent transports any child?s imagination? and sometimes the parents too.

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Give us your opinion! We’d love to hear it. Which Trending Scandinavian Design Will You Be Taking Part In? Tell us in the comments below.

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