Seen this image before?


It?s?the intro pic for our revolutionary way of designing and delivering the furniture you want at the price and speed the other guys wish they could achieve.

How do we do it?

For starters, let me?show you how the other guys get it wrong.

You see this long process? It stinks. It costs too much and takes too much time to get to your front door. More than that, because this process is so costly and time-senseless, you don?t get to choose what you get beyond their prefabricated items created months ago.


Here?s how Jason Agustina does things differently.

You see the difference?

We eliminate the waste of time and money.

But that?s not all we do. Remember that photo at the top of the page? Something about voting on what kind of furniture you get.

At Jason Agustina, we travel the world looking for the very best emerging designers. Then, we help them bring their dreams to life by curating their designs in our internationally reaching online store.
But, there?s a problem. There are so many brilliant designers that we can?t possible choose them all. So we?ve gone straight to the end-user. You!

You get to decide which designs we choose. That way, we get you the latest designs quickly and affordably. Not months after the trend has moved on (like some other guys).

Check out how popular this model has become. We?re so on the money with this idea, we?ve been featured like crazy.

Here?s a spread from Belle Magazine.

And so many others. Check them out HERE.

Curious what all the fuss is about? Check out our selection of Sofas & Ottomans:

Lounge and Dining Chairs & Stools and Bar Stools:

Bouvier Chair

Coffee, Dining & Side Tables:

Storage Options:

And Last Chance Items:

Amazed and astounded at this revolutionary way to create and deliver the furniture you actually want? Us too! Share your comments, and share with a friend on social media below. They?ll thank you for it.

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