5 ? Rooms that Mixed Mid-century Modern & Traditional Styles Beautifully

5 ? Rooms that Mixed Mid-century Modern & Traditional Styles Beautifully

Sometimes the picture-perfect look isn?t exactly what we want for our spaces. It?s gorgeous and ideal, but sharp corners and white cushions can feel like impending doom to busy homeowners.

If that sounds like you, check out these rooms. The mix of modern and traditional works in both functionality and style, so there?s no worry about life rearranging your design.

1. Modern Dining Table in A Cozy Library

2. Contemporary Lighting Over a Traditional Sofa

3. One Living Area Done Two Ways


4. Art or Modern Coffee Table?

5. Picture Perfect Seating

Which design best suits your busy lifestyle?

Personally, I gravitate toward the clean design of number one. Drop your favorite in the comments below?

This combination of modern and traditional furniture and design is the perfect way for this writer to wrap up a beautiful relationship with North Hem. Their generosity and embrace of my every contribution has been a launching pad and a blessing.

Here?s to all the success in the world to this beautiful, caring company.

Image Sources: onekingslane.com, laurelberninteriors.com

9 Perfectly Balanced Books on Scandinavian Design

9 Perfectly Balanced Books on Scandinavian Design

We all do it. Read endless blog posts about d?cor and the latest ways to be minimal. This post is all about finding the right resources to guide you on that balanced path without clogging up the Favorites File on your computer.

These books have stuck around for the long haul in the design industry and fall perfectly in line with North Hem?s vision of Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian, and Minimalistic design.
Sit back, pull up a Nordic-build chair next to your over-sized windows, and enjoy the read?

1. Dysthe Design, edited by Widar Hal?n

A biography on Sven Ivar Dysthe and how he discovered the inspiration for the Norwegian Pop Design founded in the 1960s.

2. Grete Prytz Kittelsen edited by Karianne Bjell?s Gilje Editor

A comprehensive presentation of the iconic, and still vital, decorative design of ?the queen of Scandinavian design?, Grete Prytz Kittelsen.

3. The Furniture of Poul Kjaerholm by Michael Sheridan

A compilation of the furniture produced by Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm (1951-1980).

4. Hans J. Wegner by Jens Bernsen

A compilation of the renowned mid-century Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner (1914-2007).

5. Marimekko by Marianne Aav and others

An examination of the design inspiration of the Marimekko Corporation. A husband and wife revolution in pattern making that created a new trend world-wide.

6. Modern Swedish Design by Lucy Creagh, Helena K?berg, and Barbara Miller Lane

The first translation by three Scandinavian designers on the education and inspiration that brought about an international change in interior furnishings.

7. Neoclassicism in the North by H?kan Groth

Plans, original drawings and photos of 20 Scandinavian royal residences, manors and mansions.

8. Planetveien 12: The Korsmo House-A Scandinavian Icon by Elisabeth Tostrup

The 1955 Korsmo House, a Scandinavian icon and experiment in architecture that inspired an entire generation of designers. This home was elected one of the ten most significant buildings in Norwegian twentieth century architecture.

9. Scandinavian Modern by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt

Introducing a collection of the most important Scandinavian designers and their work. This volume explores some of the most interesting homes in Scandinavian design.

There they are. Nine books all about the best ways to design Scandi-style (with a little Mid-century Modern thrown in).

Which book will you add to your Fall reading list?

Drop a line in the comments below and let us know.

Image Sources: designersandbooks.com

5 Rules for Building a Mid-century Modern Home from the Ground Up

5 Rules for Building a Mid-century Modern Home from the Ground Up

1. Build into the site not on top of the ground

The approach to building many homes is to level out the land and start fresh on a wide-dug plot. What makes for better scenery (not to mention lessens the environmental disturbance) is to build into the scenery while disturbing very little native vegetation and wildlife. Not only is this a conscientious move for homeowners, but it also makes for that move-in ready home that seems to have been waiting for you for decades while the scenery took over.

2. Balance private and social rooms with an open concept and screened walls

Privacy doesn?t necessarily mean soundproof for every room. Some rooms simply require a separation of sight. Put up screen doors and walls to separate the spaces while also providing the social atmosphere you want from gathering rooms. You can keep your private rooms private while not walling yourself into each space.

3. Let natural light do the work (but that doesn?t necessarily mean sunlight)

Since we?re keeping it simple with our Mid-century Modern design, make sure your focus on lighting is on the light quality itself and not the fixture. Natural light from large windows is ideal, but when that?s not feasible use a natural sunlight-quality bulb and simple fixture to keep the eyes focused on the beautiful d?cor and not the hardware.

4. Smaller, more efficient rooms can be better than spacious overwhelming rooms

When you?re looking for a home that can sustain itself, and minimalism strikes you just the right way, consider building a home with smaller rooms to maintain efficiency. This also creates a cozier atmosphere and when the rest of the house is screened in, the smaller, walled in rooms will feel like the sanctuary they were meant to be.

5. Greenery should be seen, but that doesn?t mean indoors

Windows can be for more than lighting. Since we?ve already built our home into nature instead of on top of it, now you can see the surrounding benefits of your build choice. This brings peace to the home and a sense of balance without having to water the d?cor yourself.

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5 Chairs That Make Any Space Modern

5 Chairs That Make Any Space Modern

Sometimes all you really need is the perfect chair to turn a blas? living space into a power-packed designer home with comfy seating. Check out NorthHem?s 5 favorite Midcentury and Modern chair styles for any home.

1. Armchair

Sit it askew of the focal point in your living area and let Feng Shui take over. This Armchair is masculine and dominating in a room that needs little more than color and a strong arm to turn it around.

2. Executive Chair

Speaking of dominating, this Executive Chair dominates in color what it lacks in height. The new look for the season? Short backs and strong bones. This fits perfectly into any room in the house.

3. Office Chair

Home office, or designer set? This Office Chair takes the cake in style and contemporary throwback. Place it in any room to start a conversation about your incredible taste.

4. Lounge Chair

If you just need a place to relax why not do it in style. This Lounge Chair is all you need to feel comfortable in your own home while pulling off the easiest way to make the neighbors jealous.

5. Rocking Chair

And talk about throwback design. This Rocking Chair may just take you way, way, way back in time. It?s sure to inspire some lasting conversations around the television, or maybe just your cat?s appreciation.

There you have it folks. 5 chairs that fit into any room you can think of while placing some envy-inducing style in your home.

Which chair is your favorite?

Image Sources: worldmarket.com, etsy.com, entitymag.com, amsterdammodern.com, contemporist.com

5 Mid-century Modern Australian Living Spaces

5 Mid-century Modern Australian Living Spaces

These Mid-century Modern Australian Living Spaces all have one thing in common. Wide open windows letting in plenty of natural light, and it?s no wonder with all the beautiful sunshine in the VIC. Taking advantage of their natural resources, let?s see how the locals live it up ? Mid-century Modern Style.

1. ?Collis House? 7 Godalmin St, Eltham VIC

This home displays pops of color beautifully and exposes natural brick elements in the wall to enhance rustic details mirrored in the forest view.

2. 4 Longland Rd, Mitcham VIC

This home lives minimally letting the view take center stage, and allowing family time become the entertainment for the evening.

3. 7 Atkinson St, Templestowe VIC

Incredible designer elements create an atmosphere of elegance in a room wrapped in class. Step into your dream home with this (not so little) number and enjoy the high-life.

4. 22 Orchard Gr, Heathmont VIC

Daring and visionary, this home displays bold elements with smart neutral framing colors to let the color speak for itself. Step into the excitement with this living space and live it up.

5. ?Love Blairgowrie?


If a home-away-from-home is in your wish list this holiday season, let Love Blairgowrie enhance your stay. A bedroom with expansive views will light up your stay every day.

These 5 homes show a side of the VIC that attracts newcomers and puts a knowing smile on the face of the locals.

Which one would you live in next time you stay in the VIC? Drop a comment below ? let?s hear it!

Image Source: modernistaustralia.com

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