5 Ways to Add Art to Your Mid-century Modern Design

5 Ways to Add Art to Your Mid-century Modern Design

Mid-century Modern Design (along with its Scandinavian counterpart), don?t require much art to feel high end. In fact, the simpler the design the closer to the mark. However, sometimes you just want to add a little something to the space. Here are 5 ways to tastefully add art to your Mid-century Modern Design without breaking the rules:

1. Fill the space:

When there?s clearly a hole in the design, sometimes you need to think outside the box to fill it. This example goes way outside the box and fills an entire wall with an abstract art piece. It works beautifully filling the hole in an otherwise difficult to utilize space, and contributing to the overall design.

2. Make it functional:

Art doesn?t always have to fit snugly on the wall. If you can turn a required piece of your room into something special, you?re checking two boxes in one. This light fixture looks gorgeous and adds the missing touch to a perfect Mid-century Modern space.

3. Build it:

Designing on a shoe-string budget? Make it yourself. This piece looks fantastic and with the added texture, it?s sure to stand out on any wall. Sometimes, it?s our own creations that have the deepest meaning.

4. Leave it blank:

The simplest design is always the best option. You don?t need to put too much thought into this piece and yet it adds something intangible to the space it lives in. Don?t over-think it. Just stick it up there and let it do its job.

5. Reflect it:

An old technique is alive and well (with a twist). Instead of filling entire walls with mirrored panels to open up a space, let?s allow a little artistic freedom in our mirror d?cor. This set looks beautiful and reflects the potted plants adding two elements of Mid-century Modern Design to one wall.

So, which option will you add to your Mid-century Modern Design this season?

We look forward to your comments (and pictures) below.

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50?s Interior Design Making a Comeback. Mid-century Modern Flashbacks

50?s Interior Design Making a Comeback. Mid-century Modern Flashbacks

Mid-century Modern design is, by nature, a mix of retro and modern design elements. What?s surprising, however, is how very familiar these elements are from what was hot in the 1950s. Let?s explore what?s making a huge comeback and how you can include it in your next redesign.

1. The indoor-outdoor room

The indoor-outdoor room is one of the hottest additions to architecture today. When you can open a wall and let in the natural light and fresh air, you?re creating an entirely new atmosphere in your home.

2. Minimalism

Simple and clear d?cor is a centerpiece of Mid-century Modern design which borrows elements of Scandinavian design. An element that?s quickly becoming a movement of its own.

3. Natural material

The use, and showcasing of, natural materials without covering them up pairs well with the minimalism movement. Terrazzo floors without a rug or carpet, wood-paneled walls without hanging d?cor, and plant-life everywhere are just a few elements that have returned from the 1950s.

4. Use of natural light as d?cor

An element of d?cor we mention often here at North Hem, natural light takes on an air of its own and a prerequisite of almost any design style. When combined with the rest of these flashback elements, a retro design palette takes shape that looks surprisingly modern.

What retro elements do you see making a comeback?

We?d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and join the North Hem conversation.

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5 Mid-century Modern Backyards to Die for

5 Mid-century Modern Backyards to Die for

We cover a lot of interior design here at North Hem, but when it comes to Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern designs, your options are not limited to the indoors. In fact, we?ve found 5 of the most incredible outdoor spaces that display Scandi and MCM design perfectly.

1. Posh Patio

With neutrals like these, your outdoor space will have the feel of a living area with the fresh breeze you so crave in outdoor living.

2. Wide Open Spaces

No roof necessary with this outdoor space. Enjoy the sunset through the trees without obstruction. When darkness fully engulfs you, light a fire and enjoy the sounds of nature in this modern backyard.

3. Disappearing Doors

Expand the space when you want it, and lower the separator when you don?t. This space comes with a gigantic window wall that folds closed when you?re ready to head in for the night. Natural light never felt so cozy.

4. Camo – Chic

Blend into the background with this stunning outdoor living area. The green cushions are framed by natural greenery making this the perfect place to be ?one? with nature.

5. A Dash of Design

This stunning patio is enclosed in the center of the house making it even easier to have a private getaway without leaving home. Add a dash of one of a kind design and this might be the most stunning Mid-century Modern patio we?ve seen to date.

Which outdoor space is your favorite? Are you looking for wide open spaces, or a posh getaway just one door over? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Hot Mid-century Modern Color Trends 2017

7 Hot Mid-century Modern Color Trends 2017

As you finish up your spring cleaning, think about adding a fresh perspective to your space with the hottest color trends of the year.

1. Sunshine Yellow

Furniture shoot

One of the hottest colors this year, Sunshine Yellow brightens every room no matter the weather. Add a splash of lemon d?cor to put this design idea over the edge.

2. Moody Blue

Create a mood for just the two of you with this sensuous design idea. This color works beautifully in rooms with big windows and lots of natural light.

3. Seaside Green

No matter where you live, a little ocean-side color will bring on the relaxing sway of the coast. Perfect as a spa theme for your bathroom, or to turn that reading nook into a hammock paradise.

4. Dusky Gray

Perfectly posh no matter where you use it. This 2017 color trend is one of the most popular and for good reason. A little gray transforms any room into a luxurious space.

5. Neutral Taupe

Out of ideas? Neutrals are all the rage right now. Don?t stress over the perfect accent color. Create a foundation of beige, taupe, or any neutral shade and accent it as you see fit with interchangeable pieces.

6. Tempting Teal

So you think you?re royalty, do you? Well with a d?cor color scheme like this who would know the difference. Pick this color trend and watch your home transform into a masterpiece.

7. Pastel Pink

Pretty in pink never really goes out of style. Use pastel pinks in any room that needs a feminine touch.

Which color scheme is your favorite?

Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know which shade struck your fancy, and where you?ll be showing it off.

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3 Delightful Examples of Mid-Century Modern Apartments

3 Delightful Examples of Mid-Century Modern Apartments

When you?re looking for that Mid-century Modern inspiration, but you just don?t have the space. That?s when the apartment blues set in.
Fear not, however, North Hem is here with several apartment designs that are sure to brighten your day.

1. Clean Lines

2. Plenty of Natural Light

3. Brilliant Pops of Color

And now that you?ve been properly inspired, how will you Mid-century Modernize your apartment?

We love to hear (and see!) your incredible d?cor ideas. Drop us a line in the comments and share the inspiration sunshine.

Image Sources: apartmenttherapy.com

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