7 Popular Airbnb Listings and How They Do It

7 Popular Airbnb Listings and How They Do It

Among numerous Airbnb Listings around the globe, travelers prefer unique residences that additionally inspire their sojourn. What distinguishes the most popular and most attractive short-term rentals on Airbnb is a creative signature combined with an authentic imprint of the destination. These listings not only reflect the historical and cultural heritage of their surroundings but also imbue modern spirit within centuries-old walls.
Here are Five Popular Airbnb Plus Listings, all hold the Superhost title, and each of them is unique in their own way.

7. Boho Chic Loft in Prague


This chic apartment located in the heart of Prague’s Old City bursts with creativity. Exposed beams and bricks, hanging plants, and industrial-chic metal chairs create a stylish, bohemian ambiance.

6. Authentic Renaissance Charm in the heart of Florence


Located in the building built in the Renaissance Period,? this exquisite apartment lets you experience the authentic Florence. The apartment is an elegant museum- like fusion of old and new, featuring many original elements from hundreds of years ago that have been retained and restored.


5. Modern Apartment in Va?lahei?i near Akureyri, North Iceland


This is one of the apartments in Villa Lola, located in the exclusive residential area of Va?lahei?i near Akureyri, the capital of North Iceland. The apartment offers a quiet and incredibly relaxing atmosphere in the beautiful Scandinavian Style with plenty of opportunities to Hygge. Furthermore, winter time brings Spectacular Aurora Borealis views from the balcony while summertime allows you to enjoy fascinating midnight sun.

4. Rustic Abode in the Center of Barcelona


Beautiful, unique apartment, decorated with a lot of style and authenticity is a perfect place to discover the Barcelona’s relaxed vibe. Rustic Mediterranean ambiance inspires tranquility and easy going attitude.

3. Palatial Home in Beautiful Barcelona


A completely different residence in Barcelona offers a royal experience.? Perfect to indulge with a glass of champagne and sink into a plush velvet sofa while taking in the luxurious ambiance of this exquisite apartment. Chandeliers, fireplaces, rich textures, and bold metallic accents, high ceilings, and floor tiles evoke the regal elegance of urban 19th-Century Style.

2. Sunny and Stylish Duplex in Bordeaux


Located in the middle of Bordeaux, in a classified 18th building, this newly decorated apartment skillfully blends modern living with historical features offering comfort and relaxation..

1. Charming Budapest Apartment in the Heart of the City


This stylish studio apartment, located in the heart of the city in Budapest, has been recently renovated for the short-term rent purpose. As a result, lots of warm wooden elements and creative solutions guarantee an enjoyable stay.

5 Tips to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

If you are considering getting into the highly competitive market of Airbnb, you are probably aware of the fact that this venture will require a great deal of your time and effort. However, to get the most of your property and set it up for the success from the start, here are five tips for making your listing stand out in the crowd.

Focal Feature

Just one bold feature in the room like a mural or a unique chandelier adds visual interest and attracts views to your listing. If you have a blank wall that craves attention or existing architectural features that need to be highlighted, consider wallpaper. Wallpaper gives your space a visual depth and is the perfect decorative tool for an instant makeover. When used as a focal point, wallpapers or murals will steer the attention from other, fewer attractive details. In the sea of wallpaper types, the vinyl wallpaper is an excellent choice for short-term rentals as it is durable, allows for easy maintenance (wet wiping), and can be used in bathroom and kitchen areas.


Function, Function

Good design is not only how things look, but also how they work. From the moment your guests enter the apartment to the moment they leave, make sure everything in the apartment is working and allows for a pleasant and relaxed stay. Beautiful art and top of the range kitchen equipment will not make such an impression if your Wi-Fi is weak, there?s no place to hang wet towels, or the power outlets are not easily accessible.In small apartments, use multi-functional furniture like a coffee table with a storage unit for magazines and brochures, a storage ottoman to store extra blankets? ?and, of course, a sofa bed.


Lighting Matters

A great Airbnb experience is a result of many factors; however, good lighting makes all the difference. Proper lighting sets the right mood and creates a comfortable ambience, while bad lighting can diminish the feeling of comfort.? Invest in proper up-to-date lighting and change the old fixtures.? Replace all bulbs with LED bulbs; they are economical, energy saving and provide excellent illumination.? Attach some LED ribbons under the upper cabinets in the kitchen, for example, or in the hallway to illuminate the night path. Your guests cannot easily navigate your place in the dark, so night lights provide an extra safety feature and make beautiful atmospheric light. In the sleeping area, simple indirect lighting or dimmers will help in setting a soft, relaxing atmosphere.


Make it Sparkling Clean

Presenting a neat, uncluttered and meticulously clean apartment, especially bathrooms, in your photo gallery and providing the same experience when the guests arrive is a sign of a professional approach and a dedicated host. While you can occasionally get away with some things, uncleanliness will leave a bad mark on your performance.

Your Performance

Once you get the guest?s attention with attractive photos, your performance as a host will be the next deciding factor to book your listing among others. A great way to always be on top is to work your way into becoming a Super Host. Super Hosts are experienced, highly rated hosts who are committed to providing great stays for guests. ?Becoming a Super Host will filter you in the sea of listings and increase your turnover. To become a Super Host you are required to respond promptly to guests, keep your place neat, clean, and welcoming, and be a great host during their stay- every single time.



5 ? Rooms that Mixed Mid-century Modern & Traditional Styles Beautifully

5 ? Rooms that Mixed Mid-century Modern & Traditional Styles Beautifully

Sometimes the picture-perfect look isn?t exactly what we want for our spaces. It?s gorgeous and ideal, but sharp corners and white cushions can feel like impending doom to busy homeowners.

If that sounds like you, check out these rooms. The mix of modern and traditional works in both functionality and style, so there?s no worry about life rearranging your design.

1. Modern Dining Table in A Cozy Library

2. Contemporary Lighting Over a Traditional Sofa

3. One Living Area Done Two Ways


4. Art or Modern Coffee Table?

5. Picture Perfect Seating

Which design best suits your busy lifestyle?

Personally, I gravitate toward the clean design of number one. Drop your favorite in the comments below?

This combination of modern and traditional furniture and design is the perfect way for this writer to wrap up a beautiful relationship with North Hem. Their generosity and embrace of my every contribution has been a launching pad and a blessing.

Here?s to all the success in the world to this beautiful, caring company.

Image Sources: onekingslane.com, laurelberninteriors.com

9 Perfectly Balanced Books on Scandinavian Design

9 Perfectly Balanced Books on Scandinavian Design

We all do it. Read endless blog posts about d?cor and the latest ways to be minimal. This post is all about finding the right resources to guide you on that balanced path without clogging up the Favorites File on your computer.

These books have stuck around for the long haul in the design industry and fall perfectly in line with North Hem?s vision of Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian, and Minimalistic design.
Sit back, pull up a Nordic-build chair next to your over-sized windows, and enjoy the read?

1. Dysthe Design, edited by Widar Hal?n

A biography on Sven Ivar Dysthe and how he discovered the inspiration for the Norwegian Pop Design founded in the 1960s.

2. Grete Prytz Kittelsen edited by Karianne Bjell?s Gilje Editor

A comprehensive presentation of the iconic, and still vital, decorative design of ?the queen of Scandinavian design?, Grete Prytz Kittelsen.

3. The Furniture of Poul Kjaerholm by Michael Sheridan

A compilation of the furniture produced by Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm (1951-1980).

4. Hans J. Wegner by Jens Bernsen

A compilation of the renowned mid-century Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner (1914-2007).

5. Marimekko by Marianne Aav and others

An examination of the design inspiration of the Marimekko Corporation. A husband and wife revolution in pattern making that created a new trend world-wide.

6. Modern Swedish Design by Lucy Creagh, Helena K?berg, and Barbara Miller Lane

The first translation by three Scandinavian designers on the education and inspiration that brought about an international change in interior furnishings.

7. Neoclassicism in the North by H?kan Groth

Plans, original drawings and photos of 20 Scandinavian royal residences, manors and mansions.

8. Planetveien 12: The Korsmo House-A Scandinavian Icon by Elisabeth Tostrup

The 1955 Korsmo House, a Scandinavian icon and experiment in architecture that inspired an entire generation of designers. This home was elected one of the ten most significant buildings in Norwegian twentieth century architecture.

9. Scandinavian Modern by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt

Introducing a collection of the most important Scandinavian designers and their work. This volume explores some of the most interesting homes in Scandinavian design.

There they are. Nine books all about the best ways to design Scandi-style (with a little Mid-century Modern thrown in).

Which book will you add to your Fall reading list?

Drop a line in the comments below and let us know.

Image Sources: designersandbooks.com

5 Rules for Building a Mid-century Modern Home from the Ground Up

5 Rules for Building a Mid-century Modern Home from the Ground Up

1. Build into the site not on top of the ground

The approach to building many homes is to level out the land and start fresh on a wide-dug plot. What makes for better scenery (not to mention lessens the environmental disturbance) is to build into the scenery while disturbing very little native vegetation and wildlife. Not only is this a conscientious move for homeowners, but it also makes for that move-in ready home that seems to have been waiting for you for decades while the scenery took over.

2. Balance private and social rooms with an open concept and screened walls

Privacy doesn?t necessarily mean soundproof for every room. Some rooms simply require a separation of sight. Put up screen doors and walls to separate the spaces while also providing the social atmosphere you want from gathering rooms. You can keep your private rooms private while not walling yourself into each space.

3. Let natural light do the work (but that doesn?t necessarily mean sunlight)

Since we?re keeping it simple with our Mid-century Modern design, make sure your focus on lighting is on the light quality itself and not the fixture. Natural light from large windows is ideal, but when that?s not feasible use a natural sunlight-quality bulb and simple fixture to keep the eyes focused on the beautiful d?cor and not the hardware.

4. Smaller, more efficient rooms can be better than spacious overwhelming rooms

When you?re looking for a home that can sustain itself, and minimalism strikes you just the right way, consider building a home with smaller rooms to maintain efficiency. This also creates a cozier atmosphere and when the rest of the house is screened in, the smaller, walled in rooms will feel like the sanctuary they were meant to be.

5. Greenery should be seen, but that doesn?t mean indoors

Windows can be for more than lighting. Since we?ve already built our home into nature instead of on top of it, now you can see the surrounding benefits of your build choice. This brings peace to the home and a sense of balance without having to water the d?cor yourself.

Image Source: homecrux.com/, pinterest.com/, brokensilence.us/, yr-architecture.com/, cityhomecollective.com/, blog.buildllc.com/

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