5 Innovative Uses of Stools

5 Innovative Uses of Stools

Bar and counter stools can be a stylish and functional way to add seating to a kitchen island or peninsula, but they can have a role elsewhere in the home as well. Be inspired by these five creative uses of stools.
plant stand stool


Using a Stool as a Plantstand

A stool is the perfect unit to tuck in front of a window as a plant stand. Display your favorite greenery without the need of a large shelf or dedicated piece of furniture. Use air-purifying potted plants or some savory culinary herbs for convenient use in the kitchen.

Side Table Stool

If the stool isn?t too tall, it makes a great side table for an inviting nook just about anywhere. Pair with a modest lounge chair, a good book, and a cup of tea or pour-over coffee for a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat in any corner of your home.

Drop Zone

Having a dedicated spot to place your keys or purse upon coming home is an essential element to organization. Use a small tray or dish to catch keys and pocket change and they?ll be handy when you?re ready to walk out the door again. Some hooks on the wall and a little rug for your wellies and you?ve an improvised mud room!

Foot Stool

A basic stool cut down to size (a fun repurposing project) can make an adorable foot stool. Paint, or upholster with some fabric to match your decor and you can have a demure footrest in any room.


You?ll need two stools for this, and a board (or boards) of any length. A fantastic option when you temporarily need extra space for serving, it can also be a permanent fixture as a creative hall or sofa table. Span the space between two stools with the boards and use it as a coffee bar, to display art, or even as a work space.

If you seek to follow principles of minimalism, many of these options can also provide additional seating for larger gatherings, so that you can keep your everyday living room seating to the basics. Win-win!

Upholstered, Vinyl or Wood: A Dining Chair for Every Occasion

Upholstered, Vinyl or Wood: A Dining Chair for Every Occasion

No matter what your dining room primarily does, we have a dining chair perfect for your situation. From casual family dining to entertaining, different needs require different options. Take a look at some of our stylish fabric, vinyl, and wood dining chairs:

scandinavian dining room reading nook

Elegant Upholstered Dining Chair

If you generally use your dining room for more elegant dining, consider upholstered chairs. Pleasing, stylish, and with varying degrees of mid-century flair, our upholstered dining chairs will add to your room?s decor. If your dining room doubles as an occasional project space, these stay comfortable as you work. Arm chairs bring a more solid, masculine feel, and our Zola upholstered chairs bring a hint of Scandi design. Other fabric upholstered options include more casual designs.

edel black vinyl dining chair

Informal Dining Space

Our vinyl chairs are ideal for informal family dining where easy cleanup is important. But there?s no need to sacrifice form for function. Gather the family in style; these chairs come in a variety of colors and designs, have hardwood elements, and whether you enjoy a mid-century modern look or a Nordic-inspired one, we have a vinyl chair to suit.

scandi dining chairs

Wood Scandi Dining Chairs

Wood chairs offer an organic, natural aesthetic, and ours do not disappoint. Available in a variety of stains and styles, they exude a clean, sleek design, yet the curved back rests and warmth of wood tones bring a softness to each piece. Enjoy time around the table with the quality craftsmanship of our wooden chairs.

Does your dining room lean towards the more formal? Do you like the mid-century look, or do you prefer natural wood and scandi-farmhouse inspired style? Don?t forget, you can find some of our offerings in our Living Showrooms!

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Celebrate This Autumn with Updated Furniture

Celebrate This Autumn with Updated Furniture

As summer begins to wind down, cooler evenings and shorter days prompt us to spend more time indoors. Make sure that time is spent in comfort and style, but don?t break the bank! We can help. North Hem specializes in quality craftsmanship and designer styles, without the high street price tag.

scandinavian dining room reading nook

Warm Up With a Sofa

Whether you?re looking for midcentury modern or Scandi style, or just want something that will last, we have a sofa for you. Enjoy autumn get-togethers and evenings with friends; there is plenty of room on our three-seat couches, or get cozier with a two-seater.

scandinavian study reading nook

Liven Up Evenings in With Some Colourful Lounge Chairs

Our lounge chairs come offer the perfect pop of color to brighten up a room, or choose a monochrome option for a more minimalist look. Comfort, quality, and an excellent blend of classic and modern design, our lounge chairs are an excellent way to update a room and make autumn evenings brighter and more inviting.

corner reading nook

Make Space for Food with a Sideboard Buffet

Entertaining family and friends starts to move indoors during this season, and what better to facilitate gatherings than a sideboard buffet? Room for storage, display, and perfect for serving starters or drinks, our buffet cabinet sports a Scandi design with clean lines and a small footprint. Make the most of the season by enjoying and serving your guests with a stylish sideboard.

5 Dining Tables to Live Life On

5 Dining Tables to Live Life On

Whether you regularly entertain a big group or dine in a small space, be inspired by these 5 dining tables.

round family size dining table

Image Courtesy of RealSimple

Round Family Size Dining Table

This lovely round dining table has plenty of space for a family. A table of this size and shape goes well with a larger light fixture. Pair it with some Scandi style wooden chairs or moulded plastic seating for a thoroughly mid-century look, or combine eclectic elements for a unique space. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and great conversation are very welcome here.

farmhouse dining table

Image Courtesy of Country Living

Farmhouse Dining Tables

For a larger space or entertaining a crowd, this farmhouse dining table gets the job done. The natural wood goes well in almost any room, and you can fit your choice of dining chairs around it. Host a family holiday gathering, display your favorite flowers, or spread out for homework, hobbies, and projects and still have room to enjoy lunch.

play room reading nook

Image Courtesy of Decorate with Katie

Traditional Coffee Tables as Informal Dining

In a small or dual-purpose space or even as a more casual option, the traditional coffee table can serve as a cozy, informal dining area. Spread out some hors d?oeuvres or light some candles to dine more intimately. An enjoyable dining experience doesn?t have to be big and formal.

square dining tables

Image Courtesy of Country Living

Living Square

A square table is usually a good fit for square rooms, depending on traffic flow through your home. Big enough to hold a festive meal, finish up homework, or as a decorative centerpiece to the room, it can also work well placed against a wall if fewer seating spaces are needed.

sturdy wood table

Image Courtesy of Zillow

Sturdy Wood Table

This sturdy wood table has a bit of a Scandi farmhouse vibe but its size doesn?t overpower the room. A bench gives some added versatility with seating and space, and a mix of finishes provides some texture and contrast. Enjoy time with family and friends around this handy-to-the-kitchen table.

Inspired for?Life? Read about more living arrangements below.

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How to Integrate Natural Lighting Into Your Inspired Living

How to Integrate Natural Lighting Into Your Inspired Living

To highlight the beauty of a space, or even to boost your health and mood, there?s really nothing like natural lighting. See how splendidly these five homes use nature?s generous bounty.

open natural lighting

Image Courtesy of Marvin


These sleek floor-to-ceiling windows give an awe-inspiring openness to this small office. From sunrise to sunset you?ll benefit from the green energy of natural lighting and the quiet rhythms of the outdoors. Forget endlessly slogging through your tasks under fluorescent lights; inspire your work with the vibrancy of nature.

Kitchen Windows

Image Courtesy of Charleston Home and Design Show

Abundant Natural Light

This kitchen enjoys an unmatched view of sea and sky, and is bathed in abundant natural light. Windows that reach from ceiling to worktop provide a nearly uninterrupted view as well as plenty of light in which to cook and meal prep. The disinfecting quality of sunlight will certainly be welcome in this space, and your spirits will be buoyed while you work.

outside lighting

Image Courtesy of Flowers In Space

Outside Lighting

Forget bringing the outdoors in, take the indoors out! This stunning courtyard offers privacy from neighbors, plenty of greenery, a comfortable space for relaxing or entertaining, and obviously has natural light in profusion. Carefully consider the location of your outdoor room and choose a spot with indirect lighting, at least for the time of day you plan to use it, and find rest and rejuvenation right outside your door.

wood shading

Diffuse the Natural Lighting

If your patio area doesn?t offer much shade or is a rooftop location, a pergola or other light-diffusing structure can provide both privacy and protection from the direct rays of the sun. Enjoy an extended or second living room with some comfortable furniture, and keep the grill nearby for easy entertaining. Planters with flowers or even a tomato plant can take advantage of the natural light while greening up the space – even if it is not at ground level.

corner reading nook

Image Courtesy of Blinds Exact

The Best of Both Worlds

This semi-tropical living space enjoys the very best of both worlds. Open to the outdoors, this room has retractable blinds that can be employed when the weather calls for added protection. In mild weather, trees and greenery diffuse sunlight for a calm, verdant alcove.

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