Sunshine Breakfast Nook

This cozy dining table repurposes beautifully as a multi-hue breakfast nook. The pale wooden table pops in the natural light as the sun rises. Enjoy your own breakfast nook by pushing your table closer to a window. Want this table to build your own Scandinavian Breakfast Nook? Get it here.


Thick Table for a Hearty Meal

Thick tables add a sense of grandeur to your dining area. This table uses the same pale wood to amplify the natural light in the room (a signature Scandinavian design element). Add a sense of gravitas to your morning routine with this table. Get it here.


No Space, Big Appetite

When size matters, scale down to a beautifully round corner table. This dark wood adds depth to your breakfast area and the unique legs pull the eye, so your table never disappears within the design. Get your version here.


Check Out Those Legs

Speaking of interesting legs, check out this incredible piece. Whether sitting down for an evening meal, or waking up on the right foot, this table delights and inspires. The perfect way to start the day. You can?t get this style anywhere but here.


Cuppa Joe

And when a good morning coffee is all you need, these stacking tables work in every room. Lift your feet up and enjoy that cuppa? Joe. These handy side tables are multi-functional and add an element of design all by themselves. Get yours here.


You’re all set to start work building your own Scandinavia Breakfast Nook. Browse the store HERE, and get the trendiest Scandi furniture for your home. You’ll be the envy of every guest.


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Share with us! How will you Build Your Scandinavian Breakfast Nook?



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