Get Inspired by Our Newest Products: mizu-mizu

Get Inspired by Our Newest Products: mizu-mizu

If you have noticed the new dinnerware lines on North Hem?s main website, you might be wondering about what inspires them, and how to incorporate our dinnerware collections into your modern, Scandi, or Asian styled home. Below are some of our thoughts on one of our new collections, the mizu-mizu collection.

Mizu-Mizu Dinner Dishes

Inspire Freshness

Design doesn?t have to be sacrificed for practicality. In fact, design can enhance the practical. Our mizu-mizu line of serveware, named for the Japanese element of water, hints at the vital, growing things of the world. Let the design of your dishes influence healthy food choices and present your meals in a way that inspires.

Inspire Elegance

Inspire Experience

If formal presentation of gourmet fare is what you need, clean, elegant serveware certainly does the job. Showcase your edible art on luminous porcelain. Impress that important person in your life, or show your appreciation with a beautiful dining experience – all provided by your own two hands.

spice up interior design

Spice Up Your Interior Design

Spice things up by combining different items from our mizu-mizu line. Here a round, white cup pairs with the tawny, rectangular platter for a winning contrast of shape and hue. Lovely in any modern dining room; serve up varied condiments for a family buffet-style meal or present classy entrees with a pleasantly modest flair.

inspire mizu-mizu dinnerware

Mizu-Mizu – Inspire Life

Mizu-mizu not only works for dining in elegance, but can also provide a classic look. Enjoy a simple, fresh lunch on the go, or serve up something lovely for friends. Versatility is key, and just as the mizu element implies, you?ll find these dishes are adaptable to many environments and purposes.

Do you love being inspired by our beautiful dinnerware lineup? Check out our other new product line, enProduct, below.

Get Inspired By Our Newest Products: enProduct


Interview with Top Melbourne Design Firm – Spinzi Design

Interview with Top Melbourne Design Firm – Spinzi Design


Tomasso Spinzi is a top Melbourne based Interior Designer who hails from Lake Como, Italy. His eclectic style and design sensibility of marrying old with new is something that the team at Jason Agustina have a strong admiration and great appreciation for.

We first came across examples of Tommaso?s work whilst perusing the inspirational design resource site We were equally impressed by the designer?s mixed European aesthetic, as much as his broad repertoire of Melbourne based projects.

Spinzi derives his design inspirations from European influences combined with other styles such as minimalism, Asian art, modern industrial and classical influences to create a balanced fusion.

Spinzi Richmond Warehouse - Interior Design

We were fortunate enough to have Tommaso take?some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about his design ethos and what inspires him. Here?s what he shared:

What first triggered your interest in architecture & design?
I?have?always enjoyed designing and sketching and have always had an interest in architectural buildings and products, even throughout my childhood. I love the idea of being able to transform spaces and objects with my own vision.

How long have you been a professional designer?
I previously worked in an Architectural firm as an Interior designer for 6 years in Switzerland. I then re-located to Australia and have worked as a interior designer for 5 years here.

What is your experience to date?
I started in Italy, then Switzerland, as well as having some experience in New York and here in Australia as well. I created my own Interior Design business 2 years ago. I worked in architecture firms initially and then branched out into Interior Design. In Europe, the same firm often handles both architecture and interior design, so I had experience in both areas.

I have worked on projects for new construction, renovation or restoration of historical buildings, churches and villas in Europe. All have provided me with important knowledge and expertise that is invaluable for me today.

Spinzi Design_Warehouse Conversion

Spinzi Design_Bathroom

Would you say you have a signature style or design philosophy?
Projects differ and are dependent on many factors, however, wherever I can use my personal style, I like to create a modern, eclectic designs. I would say most of my designs are minimal / contemporary with a slight mixing in of old key pieces that are unexpected and interesting. I also like to implement influences of different cultures. Another way I add my own unique touch is by using sculptural pieces and focus on using artwork in my interiors.

Are there particular elements you like to implement into all of your designs?
Sculptural pieces, antiques, Italian furniture, custom-made furniture, art inspiration, architectural elements, fusions of different cultures and styles, different finishes and materials.

Living Room

Spinzi Design_Office

Spinzi Design creates unique interiors and furniture designs and provide 4 main categories of services including design consultation, furniture design, designer artworks and works management.?You can view more of Tommas’ work at?

Watch this space for our next blog – we will be featuring one of Spinzi Design’s amazing projects; a 150 year old warehouse is transformed into a modern, tri-level home in?Richmond, Victoria.

Spinzi Design_Lounge Room

Spinzi Design_Kitchen

We would like to thank Tommaso for his time and are very excited to see more of his fabulous designs. Spinzi Design is definitely one to watch.

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