Blue Sky Coffee in Newstead

Blue Sky Coffee in Newstead


As the broad Brisbane sky changes from time to time, so too Blue Sky Coffee has morphed and changed appearance since its beginnings in 2009. One thing that?s never changed is the chillaxing vibe of one of Newstead?s favourites ? Oh … and the tasty coffees!


Blue Sky was conceived out of a passion for coffee, and led to the birth of one of Brisbane?s early cafes with coffee roaster on site. In a sense, you still feel this passion. Just as blue sky smiled on the very first shipment of green beans, so too do the faces of the people that serve you.


The stand out feature of Blue Sky Coffee has always been the space, both in look and feel. Manuela, Business Manager, described it beautifully as, ?funky inner-city warehouse with a lay-back vibe.? So true ? this is definitely a place to chill and stay a while. I noticed lots of people tapping into the wifi and tapping away on their laptops whilst enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

blueskycoffeeestitich7(The sofa in lower part of photo is the pebble grey Ceni Sofa 3 seater)

Apart from the epic mural on the wall, featuring the Story Bridge, stunning art pieces from Fireworks Art Gallery also provide a great optical experience. If you like what you see, you can contact the gallery directly or take a short walk around the corner after your visit to see what other pieces are available.


Another standout feature is the influence of girl power. Blue Sky has one of Brisbane?s few female coffee roasters who lovingly watches over the Has Garanti roaster as it rolls the specialty beans around and around til they are ready to drop. The smell of roasting coffee made me want to dive into a tasty brew. The Ebony Ivory blend has distinctive chocolatey tones that work well with milk and is a real crowd-pleaser with the customers. The cappuccino certainly highlighted the chocolate notes of the easy drinking blend.

blueskycoffeestitch03(Coffee table in the photo is the Myron square coffee table)

Blue Sky also have rotating single origins. A delightfully aromatic Brazilian Cerrado was featured during my visit. But the pure delight was the cold drip. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe felt like a soft satin sheet had wrapped around my tongue ? although milk and lemon come along for the ride it was too easy to enjoy on its own. One of the first cold drips in Brisbane and still one of the best! If you?re a tea drinker, don?t fret. Blue Sky understand that tea drinkers are important too and offer a wide array of Harney & Sons fine teas.

blueskycoffeeestitich5(Small side table in lower part of photo is the Myron side table)

There is plenty of food on offer too. Chef Lee Booker described menu offerings as, ?good wholesome food that is fresh, high quality and great value for money.? With over 40 years experience in some of Brisbane’s iconic restaurants such as Baguette and Oxley Wharf, Lee prides himself on presentation and efficient service.


Lee told me you will soon be able to enjoy your coffee with divine French pastries, like a chocolate croissant, that have been beautifully created by Jean-Paul of French Tart. You can even take home a baguette for dinner.?All bakery and patisserie products are delivered to Blue Sky fresh every day for your eating pleasure.


If you enjoy a relaxed, cafe-style atmosphere with fresh roasted coffee, then head to 32 Commercial Rd Newstead and join locals, gym goers and business people alike who frequent Blue Sky. Whether the sky is blue or grey, Blue Sky Coffee is a great place to spend the day!

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Finding The Right Scandinavian Furniture Online

Creating a Nordic-inspired home interior is easy thanks to the ever-growing availability of Scandinavian furniture online.

Wildly popular for its clean lines, functionality and uncomplicated design there is an abundance of Scandi-style furniture on the market to meet consumer demand, each to varying degrees of quality and affordability.

Spoilt for choice, it can be quite the task to find the perfect piece to style your home if you don?t know what you?re looking for.

concept for light chairs

What is Scandinavian furniture?

Scandinavian furniture is renowned for its beauty and simplicity. It is well-made and functional with sleek style and neutral tones giving it an understated elegance.


Focus on functionality

Scandinavian-inspired homes are sophisticated and never over the top.

Start with one or two items, taking the time to consider what your needs are and what features are important to you. The great appeal of Scandinavian furniture is its functionality, so choose pieces that are useful as well as beautiful.

A quality sofa is a great starting point in creating a Scandinavian-inspired living room. Casually elegant with neutral tones and a wooden base, for example, a sturdy but stylish lounge makes the perfect Nordic-inspired introduction to your living area. Complement it with throws and cushions in different textures or a rug to add warmth to your room.


Quality furniture

With the abundance of Scandinavian furniture online, it?s important to keep your smarts about you.

Every second store offers Scandinavian-inspired furniture to differing degrees of quality. Be wary of poor imitations; cheap isn?t always cheerful.

Scandi-style has an emphasis on functionality, so your cutting-edge furniture needs to be well-made and carefully crafted to last the test of time.


Affordable furniture

You don?t need to break the bank to create a Nordic-inspired look in your home. Invest in a couple of statement pieces, for example a sofa or dining table, and complement them with Scandi-style accessories.

Thanks to North Hem you can create a designer look in your home without the designer price tag. With its cutting-edge design and functionality, you can find something to suit your budget.

Try before you buy

There aren?t too many furniture stores that allow you to try before you buy, especially when it comes to finding Scandinavian furniture online.

Not sure how that sofa is going to fit or look in your living room? North Hem will arrange for your furniture to be delivered straight to your home where you can style it, test it and make sure you?re 100% happy with it.

Contact North Hem today to find the right Scandinavian furniture online for you.

Extraction Artisan Coffee

Extraction Artisan Coffee


I asked a regular visitor how they would describe Extraction Artisan Coffee. ?It looks industrial but it feels homely,? was the reply. After spending a morning at Extraction, there was no disputing that description. There is a definite sense of home ? something that encourages you to spend time and enjoy your coffee and breakfast.


Co-owners, Heather and Alex, are long-time locals who wanted to create a space that afforded people in Logan a wonderful caf? experience instead of heading to Brisbane. Whatever your speed, you?ll find a space at Extraction that is perfect for your needs. Whether you like to sit at the brew bar and take in the art ? or is that science ? of the barista preparing your brew, find a comfy chair to read and chill or settle in at the tables for a team meeting or a catch up with friends. No matter your choice, you?ll never feel rushed or hurried.

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As a big fan of watching coffee preparation, I took the opportunity to watch Danny, an award-wining barista, meticulously prepare an El Salvador single origin as a pour over. What a delightful cup ? fruity and juicy!


(Table in photo part is the Clarkson Dining Table.)

The 50-50 milk blend is a great caf? blend that is very easy drinking. I chatted with a visiting Brisbane coffee roaster who gave the blend a big thumbs-up. There are always single origins available, just ask the friendly staff for a recommendation.

(Chairs in photo are Evy Dining Arm Chairs – Pebble Grey and Cocoa Stain.)

Coffee beans selected by Extraction Artisan Coffee have cupping scores over 85 and are roasted in house on the shiny 10kg Proaster coffee roaster. If coffee is not your thing ? hard to believe but I hear it’s true ? then you can select from a range of teas from the West End Tea Company or go for a hot chocolate brewed using 50% Columbian cacao and 50% organic Colombian panela.

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Classy and Classic Dining Room by Melissa from NSW



My friend arrived, so we moved to a table to taste the signature dish ? Avocado on pumpkin bread ? yummo! Heather described the Extraction menu as, ?Caf? food with a fine dining edge.? She was spot on, the quality and presentation of food was equal to any excellent Brisbane caf? you could mention.


The presentation had my eyes feasting well before my taste buds had a chance to savour. By the way, my taste buds weren?t disappointed ? no wonder this dish has become a firm favourite.


If you haven?t had a delightful Logan City coffee experience, then get yourself to Extraction Artisan Coffee located at 7/3375 Pacific Highway. Gain access via the service road that runs next to the M1 at Slacks Creek. A good landmark is the blue sign of St Vinnies. Turn into the laneway and drive right to the end. Beware! The coffee, food and welcoming vibe make it hard to extract yourself ? No wonder these guys won the Logan City 2016 Business Achievers Award for Hospitality and Tourism.

North Hem EOFY Sale


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On Trend For 2017? Buy Scandinavian Dining Chairs Before The Rush

On Trend For 2017? Buy Scandinavian Dining Chairs Before The Rush

2017 Design Ideas – Scandinavian Dining Chairs

black chairdark stained chair with black seatlight stained chair with light seat

Think sleek, contemporary interior design is on trend right now? Wait until we hit 2017! Dining room furniture will be all about minimalism, from neutral tones on tables to Scandinavian dining chairs.

Give your living spaces a refresh with a designer look that?s easy to style and affordable to achieve!

Scandinavian dining chairs ? the next big thing in d?cor

You are unique and your furniture should be, too. Scandinavian styling is distinctive, aesthetically appealing and modernizes the look of any home. There are several different styles of Scandinavian dining chairs to choose from, ensuring there?s something to appeal to your individual taste. They include:

? Classic ? The classic style matches every d?cor, which is why it is the most popular option in homes. These dining chairs will typically have an upholstered base and backing with wooden tapered legs. Colours are usually solid but in a neutral shade. This allows them to blend in with any existing colour scheme, which is why you will often find them in display homes or in house staging for auctions.

? Minimal ? The minimalist option is versatile in so many ways. While the style of dining chair may be basic with a simple padded seat and smooth straight lines, the simplicity allows fashion colours and patterns to shine. The straight edges give the setting a more refined look which is popular with modern designs trends.

? Sleek ? If angular and curvy are more your style then sleek dining chairs will be your preference. This is the sort of unusual, contemporary look that is expected to be very on trend in 2017.

Whatever your taste or home atmosphere, beautifully coordinated furniture ties your look together. Scandinavian dining chairs are wonderfully versatile, because they can be styled to match most kinds of homes or kitchen/dining layouts. They achieve and complement many looks without sacrificing on quality or crucial factors like comfort and support.

If a stylish, uncluttered but comfortable home is your aim, you?ll love this clear trend towards a Scandinavian aesthetic. Scandinavian dining chairs are set to be a furniture must-have for 2017.

Give the professionals at Jason Agustina a call on 0484 333 167 and discuss why you need Scandinavian dining chairs in your home! Or shop online today.

Lighting Designers to be Inspired by at Vivid 2016.

Lighting Designers to be Inspired by at Vivid 2016.

Momentum_Vivid 2016

Sydney?s Vivid festival is the world?s largest outdoor festival of light, music and ideas. The phenomenal cultural event takes place each year to showcases a number of installations of epic proportions throughout the city. These awe-inspiring installations are designed by some of the most brilliant leading creatives in the industry.

One installation to particularly stand-out this year is ??Momentum?? designed by the sensational design duo?Stephanie Shehata and Erin Slaviero.?Following the success of their award-winning ?Kaleidoscope? at Vivid 2015, the girls returned to this year?s festival of light with a new dazzling installation.

We were fortunate to chat with Stephanie and Erin about how they created the concept for Momentum and what it?s like to be part of such an extraordinary event.

Could you tell us about the design for Momentum?

?Momentum? picks up where ?Kaleidoscope? left off. It comprises of three freestanding infinity boxes that house illuminated 3D objects. These objects create kaleidoscopic optical illusions that explore the way the addition of motion and speed affect the interactions of infinity, light, material and form.

Vivid Momentum Installation

Momentum_Vivid Festival 2016

How can visitors experience and?interact with the installation?

Participants can interact with the installation by rotating a wheel, which in turn rotates the 3D light element. The object stays dimmed, statically glowing, until the wheel is spun, activating a burst of light.

The installation becomes dynamic causing a kaleidoscope of colour and reflection. To visitors, the installation initially presents as a series of tall, dark three-dimensional boxes. Their key to interacting with a box is to do so with a partner, with a person standing on either side of the box. As one spins a wheel activating the light element inside, their partner views the spinning form as it is reflected into infinity.



Your previous installation, ?Kaleidoscope?, featured at Vivid in 2015, won the IES NSW Lighting Sculpture and Installation Design Award of Commendation. How has that impacted on you as designers?

Stephanie Shehata: ?Both Erin and I are home-grown and independent artists who understand the impact Vivid has both in terms of tourism but also in terms of pushing boundaries in multi-disciplinary collaborations of art and technology. Vivid has opened doors for both of us, globally, in terms of industry recognition?winning the IES NSW award?and as artists. We?re incredibly grateful that Kaleidoscope was so well received, and we?re pleased to be back with our best work yet??.

Can you tell us about your background as designers and about your design ethos?

Stephanie Shehata: ??I?m a recent graduate of the UTS Master of Design in Lighting Design and have previously completed Bachelor of Design in Interior Design/ Bachelor Arts in International Studies, also at UTS.

My production of design solutions are based on a balance of function, value and aesthetics while also bridging the gap between the physical environment, behaviour and the being in space??.

Erin Slaviero: ??I graduated from the UTS Master of Design in Lighting Design in 2012. Since graduating from the program I have had the opportunity to work on a range of lighting projects around the globe and work in design offices in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

I believe that light is a crucial link for creating a spatial interaction between people and their environment. To me, light is an experience that generates and controls the way we feel and interact with the world around us??.

Vivid 2016

Momentum was produced in collaboration with Peter Favelle (Australia), Simon Milligan (Australia) and Paul Dadd (Australia). It was commissioned by Destination NSW for Vivid Sydney 2016 and sponsored by KF plastics and Light Project.

The Momentum installation is an?absolute must see! It can be viewed as part of Vivid Sydney in Walsh Bay. The festival runs from Friday 27 May to Saturday 18 June and is open from 6pm?12am every evening.


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